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When it comes to high school class periods, a great setup is breaking the classes into 30-minute blocked intervals. These shorter classes offer a lot of awesome benefits to the students and provide a great school experience for them. Here are some of the great benefits of shorter class periods.

Their Concentration Increases

When a child is sitting in the classroom for longer than 30 minutes at a time, their attention begins to decrease. Because of this, they actually aren’t getting much out of the class after this point. In contrast, when the classes are 30 minutes, they can concentrate for the entire class period.

Students Excel in Shorter Class Periods

Because the students are in the classes for a shorter period of time, they can excel in their classes. This is possible because they are focused and involved during the class period, thus allowing them to do well on their assignments, tests, etc. This results in better grades overall and helps contribute to academic success.

Better Environment for Students and Teachers

Another great benefit of 30-minute classes is the fact that it creates a better environment for both the students and the teachers. The students feel that they are able to learn better because the environment in the classroom is focused and quiet. Students do not get distracted or bored, but instead, they stay engaged in what is being taught. This is possible because they don’t become restless or distracted during the shorter period of class. Thus, the teachers do not have to worry about keeping the class quiet, refocusing the students’ attention, etc.

Shorter Class Periods Provide More Time for Study and Review

The shorter class periods also make it possible for the students to spend more of their time studying and reviewing the information that they learned in class. It is important for students to spend time studying and reviewing materials.

Increased One-on-One Time 

Because the class blocks themselves are shorter, there is more time in the school day for one-on-one learning during study periods. This will allow the students who are struggling to get all of the help that they need so that they can also excel in school. This also allows all students to feel more comfortable asking questions about their assignments.

More Subject Coverage

When the classes are broken down into smaller periods, the students can learn about more subjects during one school day. This can help to make school more interesting and fulfilling for them because they aren’t spending a long amount of time on just one subject. This can become boring for them and cause them to lose interest in the subject. Covering more subjects in one day ultimately allows them to learn more. Then they can find what interests them for future schooling, careers, etc.

Learn More About the Benefits of Shorter Class Periods

At the Tenney School, the class periods are 30 minutes long, and this is perfect for the students that attend. It allows them to really concentrate and learn during class. Thus, students excel when tested on the material. It also provides a better environment for both students and teachers and provides more opportunities to study and review the material. Lastly, it gives them more one-on-one time, and they are able to cover more subjects in one day. To learn more about the 30-minute class periods, or how the overall schedule works, visit us at The Tenney School.

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