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Most of us remember, and a few of us still have nightmares about our transition from elementary school to 6th grade. But, the graduation from 5th grade also calls for a celebration. The increased responsibility for one’s education comes at a time when many other changes, both physical and emotional, take place to set up some of the most challenging times in a young person’s life.

Challenges faced in middle school:

The responsibility shift that comes with middle school for some represents an overwhelming challenge. Some of the typical cultural changes for the sixth-grader include:

  • Organizational

o   Homework assignments from several different classes demand honed organization skills.

o   Locker and hallway life presents a new opportunity for socialization and sometimes abuse or bullying.

o   Keeping track of classes and scheduling also introduces a new responsibility, much different from the expectations in grade school.

  • Establishing relationships with teachers and peers presents a much more significant challenge than a student experienced in grade school. Now, a student may see several teachers during the day and
  • Adjusting to an environment that gives them more independence academically but brings the responsibility that goes along with that independence represents to some an exciting transition, but to others an overwhelming one.

What the average child in 6th grade deals with daily:

5th graders may enjoy the leadership role in their school only to know that they will soon move into unknown territories as they enter 6th grade. Their educational metamorphoses also comes with additional complications:

  • Puberty makes up a transitional time of life from childhood to adulthood. It comes with both physical and emotional changes for both boys and girls stimulated by a hormonal shift.
  • Sexual feelings and relationship changes represent a significant part of an adolescent’s life. The desire to avoid ‘boy or girl germs’ now turns into an obsession with the opposite gender.
  • Achieving or maintaining self-confidence sometimes becomes challenging with physical changes such as acne and rapidly growing gangly limbs. Those who suffer an unfair amount of hormonally induced detriments may find themselves subjects of bullying.

How you can help your child with this transition to 6th grade:

  • Be aware of the changes caused by puberty. Discussions with your child regarding the challenges brought on by purity call for a balance of sensitivity and directness. If you feel your child exhibits significant problems dealing with puberty, consider seeking professional help.
  • Discuss the class and homework schedule and help them come up with a solid plan to keep their academic life in order. Make sure your child contributes to this process.
  • Encourage healthy friendships. Know who your child befriends and make it a point to keep communication lines open with their parents.
  • Talk to your child about your experiences with puberty and middle school.  It may seem like they’re not listening, but reiterate to your child, they are not alone and share with them your experiences and feelings you recall from this transitional period.

Why Tenney School is a great choice:

In the mission statement, Tenney School stresses the importance of ensuring the success of every student with the ‘Power of One’ philosophy. One of the major tenets of the school involves working with each student to help them reach their potential.

The guaranteed individual attention and instruction becomes especially crucial at a time when public schools transfer so much responsibility unto the student. Additionally, Tenny School incorporates testing and classes for college and adult life preparation.

Tenney School also recognizes the importance of social development during this challenging time and offers extra-curricular activities which promote friendship and community volunteer opportunities.

Tenney School offers special accommodations for those with particular learning needs, including the gifted and talented.

We would love to discuss your child’s academic future with you. Please visit us online or contact us here to schedule an appointment.


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