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In the blink of an eye, parents and students everywhere have been pushed into schooling online. For most, this doesn’t exactly feel great. After all, making such an enormous life change is something that the vast majority of parents would consider very carefully under any other circumstances. This sudden change to online learning may feel upsetting, overwhelming, and even a bit scary at first.

While a bit of upset and overwhelm is completely understandable, it’s important to look past those negative feelings and find the sunny side of things, especially those that are out of our control. The lucky thing? Finding the positives of online learning is actually very easy, and once you see the benefits, you might even be thankful you get to have this amazing experience with your children.

Wondering what kinds of benefits we’re talking about? Below are just a few of the things we think you’ll love about online schooling.

Time Together Online Learning

While it might make things a little more difficult to balance, having your children home with you can be an absolutely wonderful thing. Use this time as an opportunity to take a break from the usual hustle and bustle and really connect with your children.

Sure, we all still have work and school responsibilities. However, having the ability to do these in the same place for a few weeks—as well as the chance to take breaks to chat or play games—gives you the unique opportunity to pull your family unit closer together and create a stronger bond.

Parental Involvement

Why not spend some of that time together learning with your kids? Studies have shown that the children of involved parents are more likely to be academically successful. Besides, finding out what your kids are doing in school can actually be fun.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to understand and personally teach every single thing your kids are learning—we have teachers for that. Instead, try checking in after classes once in a while, offering help where you can, and learning side-by-side with them when something you’ve never learned comes up.

This will help your child stay focused, give you an understanding of where your student stands, and help you both build a better relationship.

More Comfort

One of the biggest benefits to learning online is the fact that students can learn in the way they feel most comfortable. There are several advanced courses offered by sources like myTEFL that can be taken from the comfort of one’s home. These pupils are free to learn in their own space, and can wear whatever clothing suits their fancy at that moment (as long as it isn’t inappropriate, of course).

Meal breaks also happen in their own home, making it easier to enjoy the meals they enjoy most. Of course, the ability to step into their own yard for a quick breath of fresh air is also lovely.

Many feel that such freedoms would cause students to become less attentive. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case of online platforms like Skill Success, and some are even more able to focus in the comfort of their own home over a busy school environment.

More Free Time

Driving the kids to school and getting yourself to work each morning takes time. So does getting everyone home at the end of the day. For this reason, working and schooling online can actually be a huge time saver, giving both you and your child more free time.

Use this extra free time to work together to finish one of those projects you’ve been putting off, or maybe learn something new as a family. Whatever you decide to do, enjoy this newfound free time and the wonderful memories that come along with it.

Learn More About Online Learning

As you can see, schooling online has many awesome benefits. Fortunately, the one-on-one schooling offered at Tenney translates perfectly to online learning, and our students have been hugely successful learning at home so far.

While we can’t wait to see all of our wonderful kids back at school when the time comes, we encourage our families to keep up the good work. We also encourage you to see the good side of this online learning experience and take full advantage of the time to relax, reconnect, learn in comfort, and do something new.

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