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Students of all backgrounds and abilities benefit from customized instruction. Whether your child is gifted, learning English as a second language, or needing special attention in one of more areas, individualized instruction can put them on the road to success.

With a teacher entirely to themselves, lessons are built strictly around the individual student. This is an obvious benefit to any scholar.

The freedom to learn at an individually set pace allows students the opportunity to fully understand a subject before moving on. Additionally, a student in an individualized educational setting is able to explore topics and ideas from every angle, finding the explanations and theories that help them best grasp a concept. They are allowed and encouraged to think outside the box and find what works for them with assistance from a teacher focused solely on them.

Not only does this promote a love of learning, it also boosts problem solving skills, an invaluable skill set used often in everyday life.

Reading and discussing a book in a situation such as this is no longer a task to be accomplished without reward, nor is it a drawn-out process which takes much too long to complete. Instead, it is a pleasurable experience taken at the student’s pace and filled with conversations about the parts of the book which caught the child’s attention.

Mastering a math concept in a one-on-one lesson is not a terrible experience—as it often is in a public school setting—but more of a puzzle, approached with the individual student’s learning style in mind and at a speed which is comfortable to them.

In short, a child who is fortunate enough to receive customized instruction in their schooling is given the opportunity to enjoy learning and is not forced to move on before they are ready, nor told to stay put when they desire more information. That is one of the greatest gifts any young person could hope to receive.

In one-on-one lessons, teachers truly get to know their students. They create a special bond with each of the children they work with, and tune into their strengths, weaknesses, and little personality quirks. These teachers then take what they observe and use it to create a unique lesson plan molded to the student’s needs. These teachers then guide their students through the plan, making sure every lesson is understood before moving ahead.

Teachers in schools using customized instruction do not suffer from the same level of burn-out often observed in teachers in traditional schools. This is because they are allowed to use their gift of teaching to its fullest extent, giving them something to be excited about each day. This in turn benefits the children they are with each day. After all, a happy, fulfilled person is pleasant to be around, and a teacher who loves teaching is inevitably going to be much more effective than a teacher suffering from burn-out.

If every child had the opportunity to receive customized instruction in school, perhaps our society would view learning and education in a better light. Education is a privilege, but so often this fact is lost in the mundane testing and lectures we put our school children through on a daily basis. With one-on-one lessons, education can be fun and fulfilling again, and while we can’t reach the whole world, we are certainly doing our best to improve the lives of those we can reach.

If you would like your child to receive a high-quality, individualized education designed specifically for them, please contact us at Tenney School. We would be thrilled to have your family join us as we prepare our students for tomorrow.

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