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First Report Card

As a parent, the first report card is an important moment. This is your first glimpse into how your child is doing at school academically, and possibly on a personal level as well. For some families, unfortunately, this is also a time of dismay. Your child’s first report card may show that they are doing poorly at school and have started out on the wrong foot. But instead of worrying, now is the time to take action. If your child’s first report card is poor, there’s time to help them pick up their grades and their overall performance this year. After all, that’s why schools send out report cards in the first place.

This article is here to highlight the best course of action you can take to help your child after a poor first report card.


Talk to Your Child

Start by sitting down and having a heart-to-heart with your child. Ask them how school is going and open the conversation for them to tell you what they’ve been struggling with and their biggest challenges at school. Be sure to keep the conversation light or your child’s nervousness about failure might cause them to hide their struggles. Ask specific questions about each class and whether your child is having trouble in lessons, with projects or classmates, or with homework.

Get In Touch with Your Child’s Teachers

Your child’s teachers are also important sources of information and guidance. They know, officially, why your child is making poor grades and can give you insights into how those grades can be improved. Teachers may also be able to tell you more objectively about how your child is doing at school and where they appear to be struggling.

Find Out if There are Non-Academic Obstacles in the Way

Sometimes, early poor grades are a sign that your child has trouble with specific subjects or learning techniques. But this early in the year, it could also be non-academic obstacles like stress, disorganization, bullying, or being badly distracted in the current classroom environments.


Get Involved

Help to Improve Your Child’s Study Habits at Home

One of the best things a parent can do is to help their child finish homework at home. Homework in the public school system has become undeniably oppressive with hours of work for children to do after school each day. Many children need coaching and encouragement to finish, and to gain all the understanding and practice they need from each assignment. You can help by making homework an at-home routine.

Coach Your Child in Focusing at School

You can also coach your child on how to focus and remain academically engaged at school. Coach them in ways to stay interested, to block out distractions, and help your child to be motivated to learn while they are at school.

Become Familiar with the Online Gradebook to Keep Tabs

You will also want to start keeping a closer eye on grades to track down problem areas and step in before the next report card is poor. Log-in to the parent portal and online grade book and become acquainted with the interface. Then keep a daily or weekly eye on changes.


Seek Solutions for a Low Report Card

Tutor or Hire a Tutor for Tough Subjects

If your child is genuinely struggling with one or two academic classes, then the best answer might be to personally tutor them or hire a tutor to help them with homework and out-of-class understanding.

Create a Reward Structure

Some children get discouraged by the challenges of school and homework, and from starting off with poor grades. One of the best things you can do is build a reward structure to give your child something to look forward to when they succeed. And to reward them for trying hard and turning their grades around.

Consider Changing Schools

Finally, if there are non-academic obstacles that do not seem to be fixable from home, it may be time to consider changing the school your child attends. Whether it is a distracting classroom environment, unhelpful administration, or that your child needs a more focused approach to learning, you have options.

Tenney School

Here at The Tenney School, we believe in helping each child reach their full potential through personalized learning and one-on-one time with teachers. Whether your child is struggling in school or needs room for their talents to grow, you will find a welcoming and learning-positive school environment for your child to thrive. Contact us today to find out more about recovering from that first report card or moving your child to The Tenney School.


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