Four Signs Your Teen Has Graduation Anxiety

Published On: Wednesday, March 23, 2022|Categories: Education Info, Parents, Student Health|

Graduation stands out as an exciting time for teens. They get the chance to finish high school and decide what they want to do with their lives. However, you may notice some teens struggle with graduation anxiety. This means the teen feels uncertain or worried about the future since he or she worries about unknown circumstances. Because of this point, we want to discuss graduation anxiety, how you can identify it, and how to help your teen.

Graduation Anxiety Makes Your Teen Question What to Do Next

As your teen decides what to do in life, he or she may ask more questions. For example, your teen may wonder when he or she should start college after graduation. On top of this, your teen may also question if he or she can stay with you or even work. This may seem straightforward on the surface, but your teen may constantly question what he or she should do next.

If your teen asks about these types of situations, you should discuss them with him or her. This involves turning yourself into a resource, so your teen can make an informed decision.

Your Teen Can’t Decide

However, as you talk with your teen, you may notice he or she can’t decide what to do. You can provide as much detail as possible, but your teen may not know which choice to make. This can pose some challenges, since the fear of a decision may cause your teen to not make a choice. This can then cause your teenager to stay at home after graduation and waste time, which could lead to more problems than expected.

If this happens, you should reassure your teenager. Make sure your teenager knows he or she can always try a different idea if the first one doesn’t work out.

Your Teen Struggles to Sleep at Night

Some teens may face so much anxiety they may struggle to fall asleep at night. This can make the situation more difficult for your teenager, since he or she may struggle to make decisions while exhausted. This can also affect his or her grades since a lack of sleep can make it more difficult for your teenager to focus and study during school.

If your teen struggles to fall asleep at night due to anxiety, you can help him or her relax at night. Encourage your teenager to stay away from screens before bed and even use white noise to fall asleep. If these ideas don’t work, you can offer kind words to lower his or her anxiety.

Your Teen Seems More Distracted and Distant

Some teens may not want to talk about anxiety, so they may become distracted or distant. For example, your teenager may talk less often because he or she becomes distracted by anxiety. You may also notice your teenager doesn’t want to spend as much time with the family, so you may question if he or she needs assistance.

If this happens, you should do your best to talk with your teenager. Don’t force him or her to talk with you, but reassure your teenager you want to help in any way you can. Make sure you mention how you understand the stress of graduation, so he or she can always talk with you.

Learn More About Graduation Anxiety

As you focus on your teen, you can help him or her through graduation anxiety. Doing so will allow your teen to move past the anxiety and figure out his or her next steps in life. You can also help your teenager prepare for college with additional guidance and education. If you think this may help your teen, you can contact us and ask any questions about mentoring or tutoring.

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