5 Things Your Child Gains from One-on-One Learning

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One-on-one learning is among the most powerful techniques in an educator’s toolbox for helping students learn and grow. Rather than asking students to follow along as one in a class of dozens, here at The Tenney School, students enjoy one-on-one learning time with their teacher. Personalized 1:1 learning provides a much deeper relationship with knowledge, opportunities to explore the lesson, and even working at the best time of day for your child. But most importantly, they have the full attention of the teacher. One-on-one learning ensures that no child is lost in a sea of classmates when they should be able to ask in-depth questions and fully explore the subject matter both to clear up confusion and to enjoy their favorite subjects.

So today, we are highlighting the five greatest things your student will gain from the personalized learning program and one-on-one time with their dedicated teachers.


1) The Full Attention of Their Teacher

The most important thing that the one-on-one learning program provides is a teacher’s full attention. All too often, teachers are forced to split their attention between students across an entire classroom. When your student is working one-on-one with their teacher, they are not limited to only two or three questions per class. They have the opportunity to not just read the material, but to discuss it in-depth with their teacher and gain the full benefit of their teacher’s knowledge and understanding.


2) Time to Explore What Most Interests Them

A child’s love of learning needs to be nurtured with every class and subject. Most children can get excited about their schoolwork when it is discussed in an interesting and engaging way, and one-on-one learning provides that. When your child wants to dive into a  subject and explore the aspects that interest them most, in one-on-one learning this is something they can do. Rather than being seen as straying from the curriculum by flipping through the book or wanting to talk about the “why’s” of a lesson, your child will be encouraged to embrace their love of learning and explore what really interests them about each lesson.


3) Time to Understand Challenging Subjects and Concepts

Overcoming challenges is another important benefit of personalized learning. Children who struggle with a particular concept or an aspect of their lessons can fall behind in a classroom of dozens because the teacher doesn’t have time to nurture their understanding and provide the extra context or explanations they need to understand. But working with a teacher one-on-one provides just that. When your student struggles or is challenged by a subject, the teacher can help expand their knowledge, practice difficult skills, and provide the lesson in other contexts to help it sink in.


4) Extra Time to Practice and Put Their New Knowledge to Use

Practice time is also vital to the success of school lessons. Children need to put their knowledge to use in order to lock it in and make sure the lessons they’ve gone over are available for practical application later. From literature to science, one-on-one learning involves much more time to practice and explore the knowledge in both academic exercises and application in every-day life. Your children will gain more from the lessons they learn with one-on-one learning than they will from classroom time because they will have truly practiced the knowledge under the personal guidance of their teacher.


5) A Personalized Experience with One-on-One Learning

Finally, your child will have the change to have a truly personalized curriculum; one made just for them and adapted each day to better nurture their style of learning and their personal speed of progress. Students can linger on a chapter when they need or want more time or soar through the curriculum to the more advanced subject matter when they are a natural and are eagerly ready to move forward.

Here at The Tenney School, we believe that every child deserves a chance at personalized in-depth learning. That is why we offer personalized one-on-one learning time with a teacher for each student. For more information about the benefits of one-on-one learning for your child, contact us today!

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