Why Should I Give Private School a Chance? Why People Often Avoid Private Schools

Published On: Tuesday, February 5, 2019|Categories: Parents, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

“Is private school or public school right for my child?”

This is a huge question for any parent and one that deserves some thought. Many parents end up avoiding private schools without giving them a chance. Sending your child to public school is definitely the easier route. But sometimes the easiest is not always best. Here, we seek to provide perspective on five reasons parents avoid private schools.

Reason #1: Private school is expensive.

This is one of biggest concerns that parents bring to a discussion of private school. And it is true that cost is involved in sending your child to a private school. But remember that it is your child’s education you are dealing with. Where and how they learn will lay the foundation for the rest of their lives. Thus, higher quality education is vital for their long-term success. And this is the kind of education that can be found in private schools. If you invest in your child’s education, he or she will thank you later.

Reason #2: I want my student to make friends, not competitors.

Because private schools often require a high level of academia, they are sometimes seen as a little too ambitious. Parents want their children to be able to make friends at school instead of always having a competitive attitude toward their classmates. This is totally understandable! While we agree that some private school systems are better than others, the truth is that most private schools have great relating between classmates. Students are encouraged to be positive and encouraging toward their peers. Believe it or not, friction between classmates is actually minimized in the private school setting.

Reason #3: Private school seems too pretentious for me.

Somewhere, the myth started that private school is only for white-collar families. This is a twisting of the facts. Private Schools are extremely welcoming to any and all students who are willing to work hard. It is true that many private schools hold to high standards and values – like the equality of all people. Your student will be challenged to see and respond to the world in a new light. This is the kind of environment is where you want your student to learn.

Reason #4: I can just hire a private tutor if my student needs extra help. 

Public school students often struggle with the lack of individual attention and personal academic help. One solution is to hire a private tutor. However, it is often difficult for students to focus for an extra session outside of school. Plus, it is just one more place the parent has to drive their child to in a week. Private schools offer a unique opportunity because the class sizes are often much smaller. This allows for more individual help. Schools like The Tenney School even offer one-on-one student-teacher studies as a part of the daily school routine. This is invaluable.

Reason #5: Public schools are “good enough.” 

This is true on some level. If your student is motivated, they can learn well at a public school. But somewhere deep inside, “good enough” does not resonate well with any of us. You want to put your student in an environment where they can truly thrive. You want them to study in a place where their motivation will only increase. You want to give them the gift of an education where their own individuality is taken into account. The gift of a quality education is one that never stops giving.  When you know that your child is in the best school or him or her, rather than just in a school that is “good enough,” you can know that you made the right call.

Sending your child to a private school may end up being the right decision for you and your family. If you want a school that will encourage your child’s personality and maximize their potential, make sure to check out The Tenney School website. Or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We understand that this is an important decision and we are always ready to help!

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