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Some parents have experienced the gut-wrenching feeling that comes with believing their child is doing well in school only to discover that they are struggling, if not failing, in one or more subject areas. This might be shocking to any parent, particularly if their child is generally an above-average student. A rapid reduction in grades could be caused by anything simple, such as failing to turn in a large project on time, or something more serious, such as bullying at school, health challenges, or family issues. When students’ grades suddenly plummet, it’s usually a symptom of something more serious going on behind the scenes. If you are wondering what to do because of your student’s sudden failure in school, read on to find out the causes and how to handle it.

Causes for a Sudden Grade Shift

School is an important component of an adolescent’s life. School troubles are a common symptom of difficulties in practically any aspect of life. Some of the problems that cause a sudden grade shift include:

  • Fear of attending classes
  • Absences without permission
  • Lack of Sleep/Burnout
  • Learning disorders
  • Mental health issues like anxiety or depression
  • Rebellion as a result of the need to be independent
  • Lastly, family conflict

How to Deal With a Drop in Students’ Grades

Here is how to deal with a sudden plummet in a student’s grades:

1. Communicate With Your Student’s Teacher About the Grade Drops

Maintaining an open channel of communication between you and your child, as well as between you and your child’s teacher, is critical in determining why your child is struggling and allowing you to address the root of the problem. A significant drop in grades could signal a need for assistance in another area of your child’s life, and it should be discussed, explored, and corrected as soon as possible.

Communicating with your student’s teacher is a useful step towards dealing with grade drops. The teacher might have a reason for the plummeting drop in grades. You should also talk to your student, maybe he/she might have some behaviours that are attributed to his grade fall. You should not be judgmental in your communication. Use the ‘what’ question, other than using ‘why’. Also, allow open communication, so that your child will express themselves freely and be able to receive help.

2. Consult a Specialist

If your child’s grades have decreased dramatically, you should consult a specialist and have your teenager evaluated. A trained therapist helps with depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. Don’t hesitate to seek continuous professional assistance if your teenager requires it.

3. Address Personal Issues

It could be something more personal if your student’s performance is being hindered by something other than a mental or bodily impediment. Teenagers are continuously experiencing waves of emotions triggered by a variety of hormones, and these emotional rollercoasters may be affecting their grades. Perhaps their academic downturn is due to a battle with their identity, difficulties fitting in with their peers, dealing with rejection, loss, or heartache.

It’s possible that his or her learning styles don’t align with the teacher’s, or that they disagree with the content being taught. Pay attention to phrases like “the instructor doesn’t like me” and ask your child to clarify what they mean. He may be behaving badly in class and causing trouble.

4. Help Them to Develop Good Study Habits

To get your student back on track, involve yourself in his/her affairs. You can help them with managing their school work. Help them to develop good study habits that reflect in their academic performance.

When it comes to studying, the structure is crucial. Good students have a designated homework area where they can concentrate and avoid distractions. They also select the day when they are most aware. No turning off cellphones and, if required, using noise-canceling headphones are also part of a study emphasis.

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