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Private schools, while known for their improved education, are also notorious for being expensive. While there’s no simple answer to the question of how much is a private school, we can offer some insight into what to expect from each type of private school.

Why Are Private Schools Expensive?

Private schools are known for being expensive due to the learning environment they provide. Many private schools pride themselves on a low student to teacher ratio. A low ratio means a smaller class size which can indicate a more personalized and individualized education. In general, students perform better in a small classroom environment which is not offered at most public schools.

Many private schools are specialized which also contribute to the premium price. Some schools are focused on college preparation while others provide an ideal place for gifted students. Each private school is different and each tuition is different as a result.

What’s the Price?

Private school’s have a wide range of tuition with the range being anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000 per year. Schools with a lower tuition rate tend to have more fundraising events to generate funds for future projects and maintenance. The Tenney School is on the higher end of the spectrum with the below pricing.

Up-Front Payment Plan Semester Payment Plan Monthly Payment Plan
Enrollment Fee $3,000 $3,000 $3,000
$33,225 $16,850
August $3,800
September $3,800
October $3,800
November $3,800
December $3,800
January $16,850 $3,800
February $3,800
March $3,800
April $3,800
Total $36,225 $36,700 $37,200

With our tuition being above $36,000 you may be wondering why it’s so high. Our school specializes in one-to-one instruction. What this means is that all of our students meet one-on-one with our teachers for all of their core subject classes. Furthermore our school boasts a 2:1 student teacher ratio! While this is a premium price tag, we promise it’s a premium educational experience as well.

You may also be wondering about the social aspect at our school. Do students socialize with other students? This is a good and important question to ask. Socialization is an integral part of the school experience and because of that we’ve incorporated small group “lab” classes into each and every student’s schedule. These labs are reserved for electives as well as core class lessons that teachers feel are better taught in a group setting. (Like a science lab!)

Is It Worth The Price?

While we can’t speak for other schools and their tuitions we would say our school is definitely worth it! If your student is gifted or has a learning difference, the one-to-one setting is the perfect environment for them. Additionally, our students have seen great success in college acceptances with students going to universities like Rice, A&M, UT, and more! If this sounds like the kind of environment for you, inquire or schedule a tour today to get started!

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