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There are two options regarding the 2020-2021 school year. The first is for learning to remain completely virtual. The second and most coveted option is for life to return to normal. There is nothing that parents, students, and teachers would love more than to be able to return to the classroom and continue their routines. However, without a vaccine, the likelihood of this happening is slim, at best. Thus, a third option has surfaced, bringing with it a combination of these two options, and a possible new way of educating students in the future. Learn more about the hyflex model.

HyFlex Model

The model is called Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex). In it, classes are offered both in-person and online at the same time, by the same faculty member. Students and parents then have the option to decide if and when students will be physically present in the classroom and when they will engage in their learning virtually. The classrooms would need to be set up in a manner that would allow the teacher to be able to instruct students who are present in the classroom and those that are attending live from a distance. In addition, teachers could provide video records or provide support to distance learning students through technology such as Zoom.

Benefits of the HyFlex Model

For students, this is an appealing idea because there would be no need for interruption in their education. Those who want to attend in person would be able to do so, while those who can’t would learning virtually. The HyFlex model is an excellent opportunity for college and career preparation for students as well. Even before the pandemic, most collegiate studies were conducted using a model similar to this on. In the workplace, flexibility and adaptability to change is an extremely desirable trait that will guarantee success. Parents and students feel safer with this new model of education because it gives a realistic scenario of students learning while respecting social distancing guidelines and protecting their health.

For schools, the HyFlex model offers an opportunity to resume face-to-face learning, which many teachers are eager to do. Despite the logistical and technological challenges associated with this model, teachers are excited about the potential to resume instruction in real-time and return to the classroom with their students. In addition, this model also offers flexibility for the teacher. As public health and personal situations change, the teacher could be the one to provide guidance and instruction from a distance, rather than being present in the classroom, while students attend in whatever manner they are able to. This allows teachers who can’t be present on the campus to continue to teach their students.


The greatest consideration for this new model of education is the substantial technological requirements for running a course of mixed-modalities. Teachers will need help to keep a classroom running both in-person and online. Schools will need to invest not only in their technological capabilities but in their faculty and staff, offering the necessary support.

What We Are Doing

In anticipation of this new way of learning, The Tenney School has already begun implementing the HyFlex approach to learning. In our Tenney School Summer Session, we have students taking classes in person, online, or using HyFlex. Our small private school focuses on a unique, student-centered approach to learning. We will continue to find innovative practices to help our students prepare for their future. Contact us to learn more.

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