The number of international students coming to the United States to attend colleges and universities continues to grow. Currently, over 1.5 million international students take college classes in the United States. Additionally, more and more international junior and senior high school students attend school in the United States. Of course, many of these international students are parents of immigrants, but many of them are sent from their home countries by their parents to live with relatives residing in the United States to receive a U.S. education.

So, why are more and more parents and their children deciding a U.S. based education makes the most sense?

  • Especially in private schools, the curriculum and quality of education maintain a very good or excellent level.
  • Students coming in from all over guarantees a diverse experience.
  • Attending high school in the United States prepares students for higher education by sharpening their English speaking and writing skills.
  • A United States education prepares the student for college or higher education.
  • Employment opportunities tend to grow for students with a U.S. education.

Problems facing international students:

Though the advantages of a United States education are numerous, international students do face challenges:

  • Younger students especially tend to miss their homes and families.
  • International students are not used to educational methods in the United States.
  • Since the students have taken English in their home countries, often they are expected to speak and understand English at a higher level than their capabilities.
  • Often, physical and mental cultural shock takes place, especially when it comes to food and diet.
  • Making friends and socializing in a different culture represents a challenge for international students.

How Tenney School helps international students make the most of their education:

Tenney School enjoys accreditation from AdvancED and undergoes rigorous testing and reviews for accreditation every five years.

Incorporated into the mission statement of Tenney School exists the “power of one” philosophy. Typically, curriculums are designed using statistics from testing and pooling a large body of students and then using those results to create a curriculum to teach to the middle.

The Power of One

Tenney realizes, this method falls short for both the gifted and struggling student. With their pledge to incorporate “the power of one” philosophy they work with each student on a one to one basis. This one on one method allows every student to reach their potential. The “power of one” tenant of the Tenney education makes it easier for international students to adjust and advance in a new environment.

Social Development

Tenney also recognizes the importance of social development, especially when international students are involved. Students and administration members team up to form the Student Activity Committee. This committee plans field trips and outings for the students. The SAC also writes and produces the school newsletter. The SAC involves the students in these decisions, thereby giving these students even more learning opportunities and the chance to interact with the student body.


The Community Services Club shows students that giving back to the community often represents a rewarding and fun experience. The CSC meets once a week to determine where they will next volunteer their time. Past volunteer opportunities have included working with young children, the elderly, and participating in the AIDS walk. International students are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities to make the most out of their education abroad.


Finally, Tenney’s commitment to preparing each student for their future comes through in their structured college-prep program. The preparation begins with Annual Norm Achievement testing designed for every grade level. Additionally, SAT and ACT testing for both English and Math make up a required part of the curriculum for 11th and 12th graders. Seniors, also take a class in College Preparation as well as a class in Financial Planning.

Tenney School’s commitment to the success of the individual makes it an excellent option for the international student. For more information contact us.


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