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The United States is a prominent choice for international students seeking a quality education. However, what is it that draws international students to The Tenney School? Aside from Houston, TX being a compelling and welcoming city, the area itself is not what calls to international students to complete their studying here. It is our unique one-to-one school system that makes our instruction perfect for our international students.

Struggles faced by international students

When international students try to begin classes in a traditional, American, public school, they often face a lot more barriers than just a different language. Students who immerse themselves into an entirely new culture find that it can be challenging, no matter how fluent students are in the new language.

For many international students, sitting in a classroom surrounded by thirty of their peers is distracting and overwhelming. This distraction can be even more prominent if you do not speak the language well.

For students who are attending American schools from another country, a roomful of American students can be more than just a distraction. These other students can interfere with an international student’s self-confidence as well. Without the overcrowded classroom model of many public schools, our students, at The Tenney School, can focus more closely on the classroom material. There are so many benefits for international students who attend our small, private school in Houston, Texas.

Language fluency can undoubtedly impact a student’s ability to communicate effectively with teachers, form friendships with their peers and complete assignments to mastery. Additionally, cultural differences, customs, and expectations may vary significantly from country to country, adding to an international student’s struggle.

How The Tenney School eliminates these struggles

However, The Tenney School can overcome these challenges by providing one-of-a-kind instructional practices. We offer our students more individualized attention through our one-on-one teacher and student interactions because we know that this personalized method is a sure way to help our international students to succeed.

Ease of communication

Our students can communicate regularly with their teachers in private, one-on-one conversation. Interactions between students and their instructors are designed to allow students to feel that they are heard and give them the opportunity to initiate conversations themselves to know that their instructors are going to respond to their concerns actively.

Lower stress levels

International students have a chance to ask questions of their instructors without fear of saying something “silly” or mispronouncing a word in front of their peers. This allows students the opportunity to open up and to make mistakes without feeling like they are risking their social status.

Also, because they have regular face-to-face time with their teachers, students can ask questions they might not otherwise have time to ask if they were competing for their teacher’s attention in a full classroom setting. This allows students to become comfortable with their learning and keeps stress levels at a minimum.

Individual progress is prioritized

In one-on-one classes, our teachers can focus time on creating a program that applies personally to every student. Teachers can truly get to know their students’ skills and also have a higher impact when they understand where students need more academic support. Instructors at The Tenney School are acutely aware of students’ lives, their struggles, and their dreams. This allows our teachers to form a secure web of support for all of our students. In doing so, our international students excel.

Improve fluency and communication

One-on-one interactions give students many more opportunities to practice communicating in the English language. For English language learners, the chance to have personal connections with their teachers, and to feel comfortable practicing their communication skills is priceless. When a student can practice conversing with another person, without fear of interruption or ridicule, their skills can grow exponentially.

Join The Tenney School to meet your educational goals

The experienced teachers at The Tenney School are dedicated to their mission of helping each one of our students exceed educational milestones. One-on-one interactions support students in reaching their educational goals and promote the growth of an intrinsically motivated student. Give us a call today to talk about our one-to-one classrooms!

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