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“Private school” can take on many different meanings based on someone’s own personal background, experience, and beliefs. In this blog, we’ll dispel some myths about private schools so you can base your decision on facts and not rumors.

They’re All Religious

It’s true that many private schools are associated with a particular religion. Catholic schools, for example, are a popular alternative to public schools mainly on the East Coast.

But being tied to a religion isn’t a requirement for private schools. The Tenney School has no religious affiliation and children of all faiths are welcome.

They’re Only For Geniuses

Private schools do indeed devote a lot of resources to gifted and talented students. But we reject that notion that someone must be a genius to attend private school.

For one, it’s just not true. Just a fraction of the private school student body represents geniuses. Moreover, it’s an arbitrary distinction. Are we talking about prodigies, wunderkinds, or standardized test whizzes? The bottom line is that students attend a private school for a better education, not because they were deemed geniuses beforehand.

They’re Not Diverse

Our image of private schools is likely formed by classic movies and stories. But they’re no longer exclusively filled with white male students.

Embracing diversity, in fact, is a key aspect of any successful institution. At The Tenney School, we’re proud to have students of all different backgrounds.

They’re a Waste of Money

What one person deems a waste of money might be seen as the investment of a lifetime by someone else. There are some parents who would rather send their children to public schools and use the saved tuition money on other expenses. And that’s just fine.

But investing in a child’s education is never a waste of money. For some families, it might just be the best possible use of their savings.

Students Have No Free Time

Some movies and stories depict private school students as robots who spend all of their time studying. While we don’t deny that the academics are rigorous, we’re also proud of our active student body.

Students should have enough time for personal hobbies, sports, music, and relaxation for their own personal growth. Private school students have just as many free time opportunities as their public school peers.

Students Live in a Bubble

A common myth about private schools is that students live in a bubble that’s isolated from the real world. At The Tenney School, however, we make sure our students have a well-rounded education that includes current events and other pressing stories.

There’s No Regulation

Although some seem to think that private schools can essentially do whatever they want, they need accreditation just like every other institution. The Tenney School has maintained accreditation through Cognia. (Formerly AdvancED since 1979) The review makes sure we’re continuously improving our school through means of external checks, support, and feedback.

They Provide the Same Value as Good Public Schools

There are some truly great public schools in the Houston area. There will, however, always be certain benefits attached to private schools.

If you think your child would benefit from smaller class sizes, one-to-one learning programs, accelerated learning options, and early college preparation, then The Tenney School would better fit your needs than any public school in the area.

Some might argue that the difference in cost is what makes the value similar. But if we’re talking purely in terms of academics, there’s no competition.

By now, we’ve heard all possible myths and rumors about private schools. If you’re really interested in what goes on here, then we recommend you come visit the school in person. You can also contact us today for more information.

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