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Choosing the appropriate school for your child can have a huge impact on his or her academic achievement. The good news is that there are numerous educational options available nowadays, from homeschooling, online schools, charter schools, and private schools, in addition to the public school down the street. These options can be overwhelming and one may need help in choosing the optimal setting for your child. It’s critical to understand what to look for in a school to guarantee that your child obtains the finest education possible for his or her unique needs. In some circumstances, the public school down the street may be the best option, while other children may require a different setting to maximize their learning potential. If you need to get a better school district for your child, here are some options for your child.

Move to a Private or Independent Education Option Within Your School District

The education of a child is one of the most significant decisions you can take for your child. There are several aspects to consider while deciding between public and private schools. Most importantly, what impact will this decision have on your child’s future? Below are some advantages of attending a private school and why private school education is so highly regarded.

  • Parent involvement
  • Provides a safe learning environment
  • Promotes a strong sense of community
  • Learners receive individualized attention from their educators
  • Increased access to co-curricular activities
  • A private school has high academic standards

Even though the academic reputation of school systems varies widely, private schools perform better than most of the public schools near you. Private schools have a more rigorous academic reputation. You can choose to shift your child from a non-performing school, near you, to a better private school.

Applying for an Exception to School District Rules

Children, whether they live with their family or in a foster or group home, have the right to attend public school in the city or town where they reside. This district is your child’s home district if your child lives in a city or town with a school district. A local school committee manages each local district, with elected members.

In some cases, the neighboring school might be a poor middle school. You have an option to apply for an exemption to school district rules. In this way, you will be able to enroll your child in a school of your choice, that will unlock the academic potential in your child.

Charter Schools

Charter schools may be a good option for you. Indeed, charter schools remain bound to a term of a contract but remain exempt from school district rules. Charter schools are public schools that are administered by nonprofit organizations, private businesses, or community organizations. They are open to the public and are free to attend. They can be found in most states, even though they may not be close to where you reside.

Magnet Schools

Within your local school district, magnet schools are specialized public schools. They are free to attend because they are part of the public education system. If your child is eligible, he or she can still receive an IEP or a 504 plan. A magnet school may also provide the following benefits:

  • Concentrate on a subject or skill that your child enjoys or excels at, such as math, science, or the arts.
  • Special education services and specialists are available in the school district.

Nevertheless, magnet schools have a tough competition because of the high demand, therefore you need to apply early. Also, your child might be required to travel because the school might be far off your district.

The Tenney Difference

The Tenney School is a private school dedicated to the success of each student. Further, the Tenney School maintains a high quantity of individual attention given to each student. Teachers will know and comprehend each student’s academic qualities thanks to our one-to-one classes. Each student’s coursework will be personalized to their requirements and abilities. Reach out to us today, to unlock the potential in your child.

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