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The transition from classroom learning to online learning can be a difficult one. Sometimes both students and teachers are facing a lot of uncertainty. They are unsure how this new method of doing things will work. However, at The Tenney School, we have found that online learning is both possible and beneficial! We are able to hold onto our core themes of excellence, diligence, and curiosity from the comfort of our own houses! Here are a few reasons why online school works well for The Tenney School.

1. Each Student Can Find His or Her Own System

Online learning provides a unique opportunity for each and every student to take responsibility for their own studies. Although some structure will be provided due to class times, students must take more initiative than they would in the classroom. They will have to put more effort into creating their own study schedules and planning out their projects. This will first teach student diligence and responsibility.  Online learning also allows students to find their own rhythm. Instead of being stuck in one mold, students get to explore, experiment, and find how they function best as an individual.

2. Travel Time Is Not an Issue

No more excuses for being late to class, right? On a more serious note, eliminating travel time does make it easier for students (and teachers!) to approach class time feeling calm and prepared. With online learning, there is no last-minute scrambling to collect everything you need, no rushing out the door, no missing the bus, and no traffic. Parents do not need to worry about preparing lunches before students head out the door. Instead, everyone can use the fifteen minutes before class to eat a snack, use the bathroom, and collect any class materials in a relaxed way. This eliminates stress and worry, and allows students to prepare mentally for their class.

3. One-On-One Instruction Makes It Better

The Tenney School has always been an advocate for small classrooms and even one-on-one training. That is partly why our transition to online school, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was so smooth. Online classrooms are easiest when each individual student gets the most personal attention possible. During small group sessions or one-on-one sessions, students are better able to focus. Also, they have more opportunities to voice their own thoughts, questions, and ideas (something else we always encourage at our school). One-on-one instruction is not hindered by moving online, whereas large classes experience a lot of both technical and behavioral issues during online school.

4. Materials Are Easily Accessible

Online learning is also surprisingly accessible. While it might take a bit for students to learn how to use the online platform, the ease of online school will outweigh the struggle. (As a side note, the knowledge gained as the student learns how to use an online platform will come in handy when the student transitions to college.) Class materials, announcements, and sometimes even class sessions will be posted online for the student to access at any time. Schedules, due dates, and other reminders can also be put into place. This will help students keep up with their assignments quite easily, and may even enhance their productivity.

5. Students Can Be Comfortable in Their Own Space

Last but not least, students are most likely to feel most comfortable in their own space. Even though students may be used to a particular classroom, there is nothing like approaching school from the comfort and familiarity of one’s own home. Students may have a special desk or a special chair that they use while attending class online. They will be more able to deal with physical (including medical) needs during the school day. Overall, this allows the student to approach school in a relaxed and exciting way. At The Tenney School, we always encourage students to think creatively and voice their ideas. Students will feel more comfortable speaking up and experimenting with new ideas in their own homes.

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