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If you have an incredibly dedicated young athlete or artist in your home, you may find yourself worrying about their academic learning. After all, while sports and the arts are both wonderful and important parts of our culture, they are not all a person needs to succeed in life.

Unfortunately for those children who do want to become great at their sport or art, regular practice and training are a must, and this often interferes with schooling. While these children are almost always very smart and driven individuals, keeping up in a traditional school setting while also making progress in their area of expertise can feel nearly impossible. This leads to an enormous amount of stress, as these amazing young people strive to keep up with the conflicting demands of two very different worlds.

If this sounds like your student, or if you have a child who is hoping to jump into an intense amount of training, you might want to consider making the switch to a one-on-one classroom setting in a private school. There are many reasons this type of setting works best for the young athlete or performer. Here are the top 3 reasons you may want to consider private school for your child.

#1: Customized Curriculum

In a one-on-one educational setting, the curriculum can be customized to meet the needs of a specific child. This means your student will no longer have to struggle to keep up with the rest of the class or slow down while they catch up. They can work at their own pace, jumping ahead when they understand something well and slowing down when something doesn’t make sense.

This removes a lot of the stress that comes along with traditional school and makes it possible for your child to focus on doing their best in all areas of life without ever feeling intense pressure. It also makes it possible for the student to back off on academic work during especially busy times of their sports or arts year and increase their school load during slower season.

#2: Individualized Instruction

Individualized instruction is another great benefit of this type of school. When a teacher has the opportunity to work with one child at a time, he or she is much more likely to explain a concept clearly and in a way that makes sense to that particular student.

Because lessons are customized to the child’s learning style, the instructor can get right to the point and skip the teaching styles that may not work for that student. This, in turn, makes for much more learning in a much shorter amount of time, something that is extremely helpful to the busy young athlete or artist.

#3: Flexible Scheduling

Most teachers understand that those who are dedicated to a specific sport or art must be available during important events. However, in a traditional school setting, teachers are unable to offer much help when a child misses a key lesson due to such an event. In a one-on-one setting, important events can be attended without worry because teachers are available to help when the student returns to school the next day.

Of course, these are just some of the reasons private school works well for talented young people. Other benefits include reduced social stress and an individualized plan for the future, among other things.

If these benefits seem like they would work well for your passionate athletic child or your dedicated performing artist, we would love to talk with you. Here at Tenney School, we offer individualized instruction in a welcoming environment that is sure to help relieve your child’s school stresses.

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