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For most families, the decision to send their children to private school is not taken lightly. Besides being an enormous life change, this decision is also a huge financial investment. While this investment is without a doubt a very worthwhile one, many parents still feel a bit of a sting when paying for private school education.

If you are one of these parents, we encourage you to take a step back and look at what you are actually receiving in return for your payments. No, we aren’t just talking about the amazing education and love of learning your child is receiving, though those are certainly two of the best and most important parts of the experience. Instead, we are talking about monetary returns.

That’s right, choosing private school can actually save you money in other areas of your life, meaning the true cost of your child’s education is probably much less than what you originally thought.

Here are 5 ways private school helps pay for itself.

#1: Improved Career Options

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that a good, solid education opens the doors for your child. With a good understanding of the world, they will be able to head to college and jump into any major they choose. This means no matter what career path your student chooses to pursue, they are likely to be successful. Because almost all good careers come with a good salary, your private school investment now could easily be totally recouped by your child just a decade or so in the future.

#2: Fewer Social Pressures

Smaller class sizes and more engaged and focused students tend to be the norm in a private school setting. This leads to less peer pressure and fewer uncomfortable social situations for all students. Of course, the reduced pressure in social situations is a wonderful thing in and of itself, but it can also save you money by removing the need for counseling and taking many “must-have” fashion items out of the equation.

#3: Improved Health

A smaller student body means fewer germs floating around. This, in addition to that reduced social stress we mentioned above, can quickly lead to an enormous improvement in your child’s health. Obviously, good health means fewer trips to the doctor, and this means less money out of your pocket. It also means fewer absences—something that is wonderful as far as your young student’s education is concerned—and can save you from taking extra days off work.

#4: Increased Likelihood of Scholarships

More one-on-one attention from teachers means a student enrolled in a private school is much more likely to receive college scholarships than their public-schooled peers. These scholarships are a huge help financially, and can easily make your private school investment well worthwhile. Of course, a scholarship is also a good sign that your child understands his or her lessons, and this is worth much more than any kind of financial gain.

#5: Reduced Extracurricular Costs

Most private schools offer amazing electives. These are almost always taught by people who specialize in the subject they are teaching. This means a child who is attending private school will receive excellent instruction in a variety of extracurricular at no additional cost to you. This helps reduce some financial strain by making after-school extracurricular activities less necessary.

We all know that money isn’t everything. However, it does have some sway when it comes to the big life decisions we make. Therefore, we encourage you to consider these monetary benefits of sending your child to private school when you are deciding their educational future.

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