Is a Private School Right for our Family?

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As the summer is wrapping up, you may be thinking about the school year looming in the near future. The thought of the children heading back to school may fill you with excitement or trepidation depending on how satisfied you are with their school experience. The school years are some of the most important, yet challenging of a child’s life. How children and youth handle the complexities of school often determines how they will deal with the real world once they enter it.

Because a positive school experience is so important, you may wonder “is a private school right for my child?” “would they be better off in a private school?” If you’ve ever considered a private school for your child, then read on to find answers to some questions you probably have.

Is private school worth the added expense?

This is perhaps the main question that many parents ask themselves. Obviously, private schools do have a cost attached to them while public education is free. It’s also true that when you pay for a service, whether it’s education or any other service, you will generally get better service than if you get it for free. Since private schools do charge tuition, they have dedicated resources devoted to providing students with a top-notch education. In addition, the student-teacher ratio is extremely low compared to that of public school, which means your child will get more one on one attention.

So, when deciding if the private school is worth the cost, you must decide how overwhelmed your current public school is. Do they have a low student-teacher ratio? Can they tailor the curriculum to help your child if he or she has particular needs or gifts?

Will my child have friends if they go to a private school?

Parents are often concerned about their children having friendships during school, although sometimes the peer pressure in a public school can be overwhelming for some children. Private schools do have less of a student population so your children will not have as many other children in contact with them. However, the smaller student population allows students to create more personal and lasting relationships. The cliques that are so common in public schools are not as much of an issue for private school students. Another benefit of being with a smaller group of students is that the older ones tend to mentor the younger students. This is beneficial for both sides involved.

Will my child have a better education at a private school?

Educational content is one of the most important factors in a child’s schooling. Some children need a more customized approach such as those who are international students, those who are gifted, or those who have other unique learning needs. All students learn differently. Some may learn best by using their hands, while others need to hear the material. Still, others prefer to see visuals, texts, images, and so on. Larger public schools may combine the three modes of learning but don’t have the time or resources to work individually with students to ensure they are getting their preferred way of learning. While your child may still gain a good education at your public school it will not be as tailored to your child’s needs as it would be in a private school.

If you feel your child would benefit from a tailored curriculum and a one on one experience with the teacher, then you’ve answered the question. In addition, your child will have close friendships due to the intimate setting of a smaller school. At Tenney School, we are dedicated to providing our students with the ultimate educational experience. We know the decisions parents make about their children’s education are huge and we take our role seriously. Check us out online and connect with us for more information about our private school.

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