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According to the Institute of International Education, between the years 2004 and 2016, the number of international students coming to the United States to complete high school nearly tripled. Many of these students, hoping to leverage their diplomas into admission into U.S.-based undergraduate programs, have chosen to pursue their studies in private schools.

This is a wise choice because international students often thrive in private school settings.

3 Reasons Why International Students Thrive in Private Schools

Reason 1: Academic Rigor

On the whole, independent private schools tend to provide stronger academic rigor than public schools.

There are several basic explanations for this:

  • Different admission requirements
  • Different internal educational approaches
  • Standards are different (both for instructors and students)

In addition, teachers at private schools report that they have more influence and creative control over how they shape their school’s policies and practices than their public school peers do. While public school teachers are often bound by government policy, private school instructors have more freedom. Thus, their methods are more student-focused and needs-based.

Naturally, with our one-to-one classrooms here at The Tenney School, we strongly support an educational system that allows instructors to evaluate the needs of each student and craft an approach that best suits them.

Reason 2: Relational Care

According to the European Association for International Education, international students bear unique mental health burdens, including stressors due to the language barrier, cultural differences, the dissonance of expectations versus reality, and worries related to ongoing issues back home.

Unfortunately, in many traditional educational environments, such students will be lost amid a sea of faces. Although their instructors are aware of their needs, a full classroom in a large public school is overwhelming.

Fortunately, with our one-to-one classroom environments, we are able to provide the sort of attention and support such students need.

We understand that living far from friends and family can be stressful. Thus, international students may need special relational care in order to thrive.

Reason 3: Continued Academic Success

In 2017, a Gallup Report found that strong academic approaches favored by private schools positioned them for success. After evaluating students who had graduated from schools in the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and comparing the data to that of their public school peers, here’s what they found:

Gallup’s analysis found that a higher percentage of NAIS graduates than public school graduates enrolled in college immediately after high school (85% of NAIS graduates compared to 69% of public school graduates). Nearly 100% of graduates from NAIS schools go on to college, with more than half attending the most selective institution.

If international students hope to enroll in U.S.-based undergraduate programs, it makes sense for them to pursue private education.

We Can Help

At The Tenney School, we provide the sort of individualized education that will allow international students to thrive. We foster a warm and welcoming academic environment in which students can adjust culturally and linguistically. Along with holding strong academic standards, we are perfectly positioned to help English Language Learners improve their proficiency.

If you have questions or comments, or if you would like to hear more about our programs and opportunities, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We look forward to connecting with you, outlining your individual goals, and discussing how we might help you accomplish them!

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