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Today there are increasing reports of alienation and feelings of isolation in young people.    Teens, while being especially adept at social media, often feel as if they aren’t really connecting with other human beings.

That’s why a small school such as The Tenney School is so effective at making students feel as if they are part of a family,that they belong, that someone truly cares about them.

Recently, one student, Cynthia, had some serious health issues.  She began to tell her teachers and her peers.   Immediately, the school went into action.  The faculty gave generous donations and bought gifts that Cynthia would provide not only practical help to her , but  comfort as well.   One teacher created a soft,beautiful blanket that the faculty signed with encouraging words for Cynthia.  When she put it over her shoulders, it would always remind her that she was surrounded with good wishes and thoughts from The Tenney School.

On the day the school presented Cynthia with her gifts, the teachers, staff, and students wore purple, her favorite color, as a show of support for her.   Students encompassed her with hugs and words of encouragement.    There is no way Cynthia  could have felt isolated or forgotten in her academic world.

Everyone has a desire to feel important to others, to be valued.   At The Tenney School, students KNOW that people care about them, so they don’t feel isolated or alone.

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