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Parents choose to send their children to summer school in order to combat the summer learning loss phenomenon. By the middle school years, students may lose 36% of their reading gains and 50% of math-related gains made during the year over the summer months, when they are out of school and not engaging in learning-related activities.

This year, more than ever before, parents and students alike are worried about potential learning loss. COVID-related learning loss has had an immense impact on students at all grade levels across the country. Changes in education related to COVID-19, including school shutdowns, virtual learning, and general child anxiety, which has the potential to decrease learning ability in many students, have caused many students to lose several months’ learning over the course of the year. Even college students have struggled to stay engaged through remote learning sessions. In low-income school districts or for children in low-income homes, the gap is even larger.

You don’t want your child to fall behind. This summer, as things slowly go back to normal, you may want to use the opportunity to catch your child up and restore some of those lost learning opportunities.

Summer school could help.

Summer School Can Fill in Learning Gaps

Due to the lack of engagement, many students suffered during this academic year. Indeed, they may have struggled with more learning gaps than usual. Teachers in many classrooms condensed lessons and rush plans. Additionally, some teachers have also skipped over lessons they would usually cover in the normal school year. Next year, when students return to the classroom, they may already be behind, missing those vital aspects of their usual education.

Through summer school, you can help your student fill in those learning gaps, providing vital information that your student will need to succeed in the years ahead.

Keeping Children on Routine Could Decrease Anxiety

Routine can substantially reduce anxiety for many children, including those who suffer from significant anxiety disorders. During the summer months, routine often falls by the wayside.
Thus, many families have found themselves out of their usual routine due to COVID-19. Getting your child back on a routine for the summer, including summer school classes, can help decrease anxiety and help your child get back to normal.

Summer School Naturally Prevents Further Learning Loss

When your child attends summer school, it will keep him using the skills he would usually use during the school year. He will continue to activate that part of the brain, keeping that information current and preventing it from sliding away. Instead of suffering from learning loss in reading and math, he may actually make gains, instead. For many families, this could be just what your students need to catch back up.

Summer School Makes Learning Fun

During summer school, students have the opportunity to review materials. Summer school can make learning fun again for many students. This can help wipe away some of the tension that has increased throughout the past school year. Instead of associating school with strict social distancing measures, your student can focus on enjoying learning again.


At The Tenney School, we offer summer school classes with a more individualized curriculum. Thus, giving the opportunity for your child to work closely with teachers in a smaller, more individualized setting.

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