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With summer upon us, many students will be making the transition from junior high to high school. Not only is this a milestone in a student’s educational career, but it also provides parents with another opportunity to consider the future of their child’s education and whether it may be time to transfer them to a private school.

The fact is that this is an important time to consider your child’s educational future. Their time in high school will shape their future and will influence not only the college they get accepted to, but their entire college experience and the extent to which they succeed in college. If you are considering sending your child to a small private high school, here are just a few of the ways in which doing so will better prepare them for college.



How do Small Private Schools Prepare Students for College?

Students Are Exposed To A More Rigorous Curriculum

One of the primary ways in which private school education better prepares students for college is that private school students are often exposed to a more rigorous curriculum in high school than their public school counterparts. While private school education may initially seem demanding to students, this helps to prepare them for the difficulties of college, and it teaches them valuable studying and time-management skills that will be vital for them to have in college.

While many public school graduates struggle to keep up with the advanced workload they are presented with in their freshman year of college, private school graduates often remark that they did not notice a significant difference in the demands required of them in high school vs college. By being used to a rigorous curriculum, private school graduates are more likely to succeed in college and make it to graduation.

Small Private Schools Provide Personalized Education

One of the primary problems that plague public high schools are extremely large class sizes. With many teachers being assigned 30 or even 40 students per class, it can be extremely difficult for them to meet the needs of each student. Oftentimes, students get looked over and do not receive the personalized help they need, which can lead to them getting left behind. These students are more likely to struggle with their grades and are less likely to get accepted to college.

It is for this reason that our program focuses on a one-on-one approach to teaching. This ensures that every student gets the personalized attention that they need, ensuring that they do not feel that they are being overlooked by a curriculum that is either too slow or too fast for their learning style. This ensures that every student has the best chances of succeeding and that they are sufficiently prepared for the challenges that will face them in college.

Teachers at Small Private Schools Report Higher Job Satisfaction

Considering the large class sizes they are faced with and the fact that they do not have enough resources, it is unsurprising that many public school teachers become dissatisfied with their jobs and become “burnt-out”. What many people may not realize is the effect this can have on students. When a teacher is not satisfied with their job, they are less likely to be engaged with students and go the extra mile to ensure that their classes succeed.

Alternatively, teachers at small private schools report extremely high job satisfaction, and many are passionate about their jobs and the success of their students. When teachers care about their jobs and are enthusiastic, students are more likely to be interested, energetic, and excited about learning. This fosters a curiosity and love for knowledge that will follow them into their college careers helping to ensure their future academic success.

More Private School Students Go to College

When considering the ways in which private school better prepares students for college, the statistics truly speak for themselves. Even though the number of high school grads who go on to attend a four-year postsecondary university is on the rise, the number of public school graduates who attend college is still only 49%. Alternatively, it is estimated that roughly 95% of private school graduates go on to attend college, truly demonstrating the extent to which private schools foster future academic success.

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