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Summertime is exciting for students and parents alike, but unfortunately, students are prone to losing crucial information during summer break. It’s certainly beneficial for students to spend some time relaxing over the break. However, there are many incredible academic and social benefits to taking summer courses. Here are some of the perks of taking summer classes. With this information, you can determine if summer school is right for your family.

Summer School Can Help Students Recover Credits

Whether your student didn’t do well in a course or they’re looking to graduate early, taking summer courses is an easy way to obtain extra credits. Especially if your student is looking to begin college a year earlier. They need to collect extra credits, outside of the regular academic year.

Since the Tenney School is already committed to providing personalized education to every student, summer courses are a great way to get individualized one-to-one experience with teachers. So, you don’t have to worry about your student getting a compromised educational experience because the course is over the summer!

Summer School Gives the Student Space to Learn

Summer classes are perfect for students who are struggling in a certain subject. For example, if your student is not succeeding as well as they could in English, taking an English course over the summer will help them improve their literacy or writing skills.

Since taking a course over the regular academic year requires students to take several courses at a time, taking a reduced course load over the summer allows students to truly devote their attention to individual subjects. A student who is struggling in English will improve after spending a whole summer class devoted to mastering the principles taught in English class.

Studies Show the “Summer Slide” Is Real and Summer School Can Prevent It

Unfortunately, many students lose crucial information they’ve learned over the year when they take a break from learning over the summer. As a parent, it can be difficult to know how to combat this issue. Especially because trying to force your child to work at home over the summer can sometimes be challenging.

When your child enrolls in a summer course, there is an incentive for them to continue to learn over the summer. Taking a summer course means having to complete assignments and assessments. It forces your child to focus on their studies because if they don’t, their grade will suffer. You want to ensure that your student retains all the information they’ve learned at school. Encouraging them to take a summer course can help with this. The “summer slide” doesn’t have to affect your family.

Summer Classes Are Virtual or In-Person

Summer school doesn’t have to alter your summer plans! If you’re traveling over the summer, it might be difficult for your student to attend in-person sessions in Houston. However, for the child who has issues learning via the Internet, it might be crucial for them to get in-classroom instruction. Whichever system works best for your family is possible, because the Tenney School offers virtual and in-person summer classes. The learning style of every student matters. We believe it’s crucial to cater our class formats to each one of our students.

This summer, we’re offering summer programs between May 22 and July 7th. Your student can complete a course in three weeks. They can choose to complete a course for credit or enrichment. We are committed to providing the highest caliber courses to our students. We also provide instruction in a wide variety of subjects over the summer. If you’re interested in learning more about The Tenney School and our summer courses, visit this website or contact us.

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