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The most powerful tool you can give your child is the gift of an education. Unfortunately, not all educational opportunities are created equally. Thus, it is essential that you research to make a decision based on the best options for your child. After all, it is the single biggest decision that will impact their future success. With COVID restrictions decreasing, it is time to get back to face-to-face learning in the best setting available to your child. Ultimately, it is an investment in their future that you can’t replicate through a computer screen. No virtual learning setting can make up for the promises Tenney School fulfills with its on-campus community.

The Tenney Difference

Other schools simply do not promise full-time students one-on-one instruction in the way Tenney School has structured its curriculum.

It is no secret that small class sizes and individual attention make the difference in a child’s success and ability to find their path. One-on-one attention in an educational setting allows a child to fall in love with learning. This occurs because one-on-one learning allows the teacher to tailor the curriculum based on each student’s needs and progress. There is no need to slow down while a teacher catches up with other students within the classroom who may be struggling to learn a concept while your child sits idly waiting for the rest of the class to catch up. Rather, adjustments are made for each instructor to teach, reteach, and assess based on each student’s own speed and learning needs.

Style of Learning

This style of learning allows every student to thrive.

Giving international students the opportunity to study at Tenney provides them with so much more than textbook knowledge. In addition to learning the English language or improving their English (for non-native speakers), they will be living the culture. Again, this enrichment is not possible through a computer screen in the way it is real with total immersion. It is very possible that through a student’s studies and deep dive into the American culture they will expand their career search to include areas of the United States.

The United States may just become their number one choice for continuing their education or spreading their wings in their professional endeavors. By attending Tenney, they’ll have first-hand experience of both education and culture in the U.S.

The Goal: Every Student to Graduate

Tenney’s goal is to see every student graduate college. They care about the student long after they have passed through their doors. This commitment ensures they work to develop the total person when each student enrolls.

If the language barrier brings up any anxiety for you or your student, know that Tenney teaches English Language Learning. Their enrichment instruction requires students to complete the same assignments as native English speakers, but because they have one-on-one help, this task is more than manageable. Also, since they move at the student’s speed, the coursework adapts based on the student’s proficiency levels. There is no need to wait around a semester or two if a student has already grasped the concepts being taught. Skipping ahead allows for more material covered in a shorter amount of time. This frees up time for the student to explore additional learning opportunities.

Talented and Gifted Programs

While many traditional schools are moving away from offering programs for the “Talented and Gifted” because of budget cuts or the fear of singling students out, Tenney embraces students who may learn in unconventional ways or simply at a faster speed. The talented and gifted students are able to zone in on these abilities because of the one-on-one attention.


Do your kids a favor and invest in their future. Give them the gift of the best education available. They are worth the one-on-one enrichment. It is as easy as scheduling a private one-hour tour. Talk to current faculty and staff members. Ask your questions. Get an inside look from a current student as you “shadow” his/her day.

Tours are easily booked online with dates available listed at your convenience. Once you’ve seen the difference Tenney School makes, moving forward with the application process is straightforward. There is also a link online to schedule a call with a representative who can provide you with answers to any other questions that might remain. Contact us to learn more.

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