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The Tenney School will be using a Hybrid-Flexible (or HyFlex) approach to conducting school during the 2020-2021 school year.  This approach will maximize the academic progress of our students in a manner that is safe for our community.

Using Hybrid-Flexible, we will be prepared to teach students online or in person every day. The number of students learning online (on Tenney School Live) may vary each day depending on illness, contact with COVID-19, or the general health of our community.

Click here to watch video describing our Hybrid-Flexible approach.

As the video describes, The Tenney School will have 3 modes of learning in 2020-2021.  In each mode, Tenney students and staff will follow the same schedule. Tenney School schedules consist of three components:

  • One-to-One Learning: During this time, students meet together one-to-one with core teachers (English, science, history, and math).
  • Small Classroom Learning: Elective courses and core subject labs are taught in a small classroom setting.
  • Homeroom: Multi-purpose time for students to use for testing, as a study hall, or to plan and organize.

The schedule for each component of the day will same the same regardless of which mode of learning the school is operation:

  1. In Person Learning. Normal mode of operation where students are meeting face-to-face in person for all three schedule components.
  2. Partial Online Learning. Mode of learning where some students and/or staff are in person, and some are meeting online (on Tenney School Live). This would occur where individuals are feeling sick or need need to quarantine for some reason.
  3. Full Online Learning. Mode of learning where all students and staff meet on Tenney School Live.

Visit our home page for more info on The Tenney School, or schedule a tour to see our facility in person.


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