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Even if they’re hesitant to admit it, parents and students alike are excited for back-to-school time. Although everyone will surely miss the summer weather and fun, there are so many things to look forward to, with the new year beginning. To make the transition a little bit easier for your student, here are some back-to-school tips for parents of middle and high schoolers.

Talk About the Upcoming School Year With Your Student

Depending on how old your student is, this will look different. If you have a middle schooler, you might talk to them about their schedule for the upcoming year. Ask them if they’re nervous about any classes or if they’re excited about their classes. Help your student understand that there are study groups, eager teachers ready to assist, and tutoring services available at the Tenney School if they need help in a certain subject.

For parents of high schoolers, your conversation might look similar, as it’s still important to understand your child’s upcoming coursework. However, you might also talk about college preparation. For example, if you’ve got a Junior, talk to them about what activities they’re participating in to put on their college applications and how they’ll keep their grades high, to achieve the best college resume possible. Make sure your child knows you want them to succeed. However, don’t put too much pressure on them—find a balance.

Ensure Your Child Has a Nourishing Breakfast and Lunch

By the time your child hits middle school, they are probably eager to choose what they eat for breakfast and lunch themself. This is great because it fosters independence within your child. However, make sure you’re supervising their breakfast and lunch choices to some extent. Your child needs to have healthy meals, because this will keep them fueled throughout the school day. So, even if your middle or high school child swears they can pack their lunch, double-check their choices. Talk about how to prepare healthy meals if there are issues.

Discuss Your Family’s School Year Routine

Will high schoolers drive themselves to soccer practice? Will your middle schooler participate in after-school activities? What time does your family need to eat dinner every night? Even though your child is getting older, they’ll be less stressed if they’re aware of what to expect in their day-to-day routine. Set your expectations for the school year, and when you do, your whole family will be in touch with what they need to do each day.

Get Your Children Back Into a Proper Sleep Schedule

Even more importantly, make sure your children get back on a proper sleep schedule. Over the summer, it’s easy for children to go to bed too late and wake up too late. There isn’t as much structure in the summertime, and this leads to overly relaxed routines. However, during the school year, students are expected to be at school on time, so wean your child back into their school year sleep routine. Start mandating early bedtimes and early morning wake-up times. Your child won’t like it at first, but it will be important in the long run.

Schedule Tutoring Sessions if Needed

Open communication, kindness, flexibility (and a little bit of structure) are all important as we begin a new school year. As the academic year begins, students should know that parents and teachers support them, so if you find your student struggling in a certain class, get them tutoring services. At The Tenney School, we offer tutoring services that can get your child on track. For more information about our tutoring services or our school, contact us.

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