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There’s a lot of talk about how video games distract students from their work. Some people go as far as to say that teenagers should be kept away from gaming or have it strictly limited. What we don’t talk about is the positive aspects of video games. In moderation, video gaming can, in fact, be good for students and can help them reach their potential.

How Is Video Gaming Good For Teenagers?

Video gaming can help your teenager in a bunch of ways, which include:

  1. Improved focus and concentration. Gamers need to be able to track all kinds of data quickly, in real-time. (This is, of course, why it can be hard to get the attention of somebody who’s playing a game).
  2. Improved visual perception. As long as you aren’t playing so much you get eye strain, games actually improve your vision, especially in certain areas. For example, distinguishing between different levels of gray, which can help in adult life when they have to drive in fog or rain.
  3. Improved multitasking.
  4. A greater understanding of technology, including strong familiarity with computer hardware, software, and networking. Some gamers even build their own computers, developing skills that will be useful if they decide to go into an IT career.
  5. Improved communication and teamwork skills (only if playing multiplayer games or with/against friends).
  6. Potentially improved driving skills. Studies have shown that playing driving focused games can help with the reflexes and control needed to drive safely. The games improve visuomotor control skills. (Just be aware that some driving-focused games encourage reckless driving, not what you want your teen to be doing.
  7. Improved problem-solving abilities.

Gaming, especially when playing games like bingo online for cash, in other words, can help with a lot of skills that are useful in the real world. Again, you should encourage your teenager to play in moderation, and with their friends rather than alone.

How Does Gaming Impact Career Interests?

So, how can gaming affect your child’s potential career? Kids who are interested in video gaming may find that certain careers appeal to the same part of their brain. (While there are now professional video game players, just as with any sport, this is a career option for the elite). So, what kind of career should your gamer kid go for?


The obvious choice is IT. Gamers learn to select, improve, and potentially build computer systems and networks. They develop a strong understanding of how computer systems work and their limitations. Kids who build their own computer might be interested in becoming hardware engineers, who design new technology, or working in the internet of things designing and installing, for example, smart networks for factories.

Video Game Design

For creative kids, video game design is also an option, and most designers start out as hardcore players, wanting to build games they themselves would like to play. Creative kids who don’t have the coding ability may go into animation, multimedia, and other fields. Those who prefer just to code can get jobs in software design.

Mobile Game Design

However, there are other options! As mobile gaming grows, gamers start to design mobile games…which they can then leverage into the skills needed to design more serious applications as well. They need very strong programming ability for this, but many gamers have the interest needed to develop these skills.

Air Traffic Controller

Another out-of-the-box option is an air traffic controller. Air traffic controllers require high levels of focus, good eyesight, good problem-solving skills, excellent team working capability…pretty much the entire list of things gaming helps you develop. There is currently a shortage of air traffic controllers, so it’s a career with very good prospects.

Learn More About How Video Games Boost Your Child’s Potential

While you shouldn’t let your kid play video games all day, every day, if you do have a child who seems obsessed with video games, then rather than trying to change them, work with them on how gaming can help them reach their full potential. Contact The Tenney School to find out how we can help your child succeed, whether they are a hardcore gamer or not.

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