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It’s no surprise that many students wish that homework did not exist. It’s an age old problem since students began coming to school. While homework can be a lot of work I want to discuss some reasons why homework should not be banned. It’s actually more helpful than you’d think.

Reason 1: Repetition Matters

Believe it or not, practice makes perfect. While homework is some of the most tedious work that you’ll do as a student, it plays a pivotal role in learning. Homework makes the student put the concepts they’ve learned into practice without the high stakes of an exam. It’s the perfect benchmark for a student to realize if they’re learning the material or not. It’s also extremely helpful in identifying areas of weakness for a student. Once they know these areas of weakness, they’re able to hone in on them and perfect them before an exam.

Reason 2: Fostering Independence

Homework also serves a role in fostering independence for students. This independence is necessary for students to develop as they’ll be using these skills for the rest of their lives. If a student is pursuing a higher education, homework drills in the necessary study skills for succeeding while away at school. In addition, it forces the student to have accountability for their education outside of the classroom. They’ll learn to self motivate and pursue learning opportunities outside of school.

Reason 3: Project Experience

Many students grow to resent group projects. It can be a hassle to schedule meetings after school hours and get the team to do their part. These issues are what makes project experience so important. For many students, they’ll begin developing leadership skills because of these group projects. It also creates accountability for students that are held by other students in their group. This kind of homework most important as students will be using the experience gained for the rest of their lives professionally.

Reason 4: Benchmark for Teachers

Another reason why homework should not be banned is the importance of teachers benchmarking the class. If a teacher notices that most of their student’s are struggling with the homework, they’ll take that as a point about their lesson teaching style. Maybe the teacher didn’t spend enough time discussing the concepts. Maybe they need to approach it from a different angle. These are all important questions for teachers to ask themselves that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for homework.

Reason 5: Time Management

Time management is a skill most people struggle with. It takes time to develop these skills and for many, this skill is delayed. Homework is important for students as it forces them to prioritize certain tasks and to manage their time effectively. If a student has a job, social life, or extracurriculars, they’ll be force to confront the issue of time management head on. This effectively helps them become a better independent person as well as learner.

So that’s my 5 reasons on why homework should not be banned. Do you have questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us today with any info or questions you may have!

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