Published On: Friday, May 24, 2019|Categories: Education Info, Events, Tenney Subscribers|

It was great to hear the final performance of our Tenney School 2018-2019 music students.  Our Spring Performance this year was held in coordination with our final award ceremony. At the concert we saw performances from our Voice students, Piano students, and both of our school Bands: Crocodile Boulevard & Panic Attack.  The performance even included a collaboration with the school Dance class.  We have linked the videos below for you to watch and share.

Band – Crocodile Boulevard: Radio GaGa

Piano – Fugue No. 2 in C Minor

Band – Crocodile Boulevard: Saturday in the Park

Voice – 10x (Strange) 

Band – Panic Attack: Love at First Sight

Band – Crocodile Boulevard: Comfortably Numb

Voice – Desire 

Band – Panic Attack: White Room

Piano – Non Piu Andrai

Band/Dance – Crocodile Boulevard (Feat. Dance Class): The Fighter

Voice – La Vie En Rose

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