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Your child deserves to feel confident and happy at school. So, if your child is expressing a disinterest in school, or a sense of sadness because of school, it might be time to consider sending your child to a different school. As a parent, it’s hard to make these decisions. Here are a few signs that your child needs to switch schools:

Your Child Talks About School Being Boring or Easy

Sometimes, certain children need a rigorous academic environment, because the traditional classroom is too easy for them. These students deserve to be at a school that can accommodate their needs. So, if your child comes home and complains that they are incredibly bored at school, it might be a sign that they need to switch schools to a more advanced educational environment. Maybe, your child is gifted. Maybe, your child needs AP or Dual Enrollment classes, if they’re in high school. In either case, your child needs a school that can accommodate these realities.

Their Mental Health Takes a Toll

It is difficult to be a child in this day and age. Whether your child is an elementary schooler or a high schooler, if you see that your child is having more and more mental health issues because of school, it might be a sign it’s time to switch schools.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine exactly why your child is having a hard time at school. If this is the case, take them to different schools, and get their input on which they feel most comfortable.

The School Can’t Accommodate Their Interests

Let’s say that your child is an incredibly talented artist or athlete. They want to be in extracurricular art programs or sports activities, to supplement their core classes. If your child’s school cannot provide your child with the activities they need, your child will suffer. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a school that can adequately support your child’s interests—in and outside the classroom.

Transportation Is Difficult

Logistically, you need to be able to get your child to and from school every day. Whether you work in an office, work from home, or have other children to get to school. It’s important that your child’s school has transportation systems that work for your lifestyle. If it’s too hard to get your child on time to school every day, you might consider finding a different school for your child. A school that can accommodate your transportation needs.

Post-Secondary Preparation Programs Are Not Adequate

Especially if you have a middle or high schooler, you’re probably thinking about the college admission process. Most all parents want their children to get into the college of their choosing. If the school your child is attending doesn’t have good college preparation programs, then your child might not be at the right school for them.

It takes a lot for a child to get into college. They need to write good essays, get great grades, and engage in exciting extracurricular activities. As a parent, you might need to consult school officials and counselors about how to prepare your child for college. If these resources aren’t available at your child’s current school, then you’re going to have trouble setting your child up for success. If you find your child’s current school doesn’t communicate with you about college preparedness, then search for a school that does.

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