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The debate on the difference between public and private schools has been persistent for quite long. And for sure, although both are built on the same model and are fundamentally designed to play the same role, there are things that subtly set them apart. If you are a parent and are thinking of sending your child to a private school, here are six things you need to know about them.

They Mirror Family Life

Life at private schools is basically a reflection of how individuals live at home. Here teachers tend to develop close relations with students, which makes it easy for them to understand their needs, even those that can be considered personal. Moreover, it is common to see students doing most activities together, such as having meals, participating in sports, and learning. This provides the right environment for them to form strong bonds with each other, which helps to create family relationships.

Private Schools Are Diverse

There is this notion held by people that private schools are reserved for the elite in society. This statement cannot be more false; these institutions are known to accommodate people from all backgrounds without discrimination. Since diversity initiatives began in the 1980s, American society has grown to become more inclusive in all spheres, including in the education system. Private schools have played a key role in seeing that everybody who has the right qualifications has a chance to study at their institution of choice, which has consequently contributed to the diversity experienced now.

Extracurricular Activities and Sports Are Encouraged

Private schools emphasize the importance of sports and extracurricular activities, and always integrate them into their programs. Usually, they offer numerous out-of-class activities such as visual and performing arts, community service, variety of sports, and clubs of all kind. These activities play a significant role as complements of the education they get here. Moreover, they tend to be quite essential for the overall development of children; besides enhancing brain development, they help in physical growth and introduce them to new learning opportunities. Private schools are well aware of it, and thus make sure that they are prioritized just like class activities.

Private Schools Can Be Affordable

Although generally expensive compared to public schools, these institutions can be quite affordable. Some of them offer financial aid to help students from low socio-economic backgrounds while others offer packages and sponsorships to give all students a chance to access education. Private schools tend to be relatively expensive because they typically provide more amenities, better education, and personalized care for their students. However, this does not mean that they shut their doors to students with potential. On the contrary, they are always willing to welcome students from all backgrounds.

They Offer a Great Learning Environment

No doubt, there is no better place for students to perform than in private schools. This category of schools offers an education that is tailored to suit the individual needs of students. This places them in a better position to identify the strength and weaknesses of their students to help each and every one of them improve accordingly. They also offer programs designed to improve their performance in all fields, which always leads to better results.

They Provide Constant Supervision

It goes without saying that private schools offer safe environments for students at all times. This ensures control over illegal activities such as substance abuse, bullying, and cheating. The fact that they operate as a close unit ensures that students are under the watch of teachers round the clock. Hence, you are sure that your child is behaving accordingly every time she is in school.

Learn More About Private Schools

For sure, private schools are the perfect place for child growth and development, both physically and mentally. At The Tenney School, we strive to provide all the privileges that private schools have to offer. Contact us to learn more about our services and how you can join us!

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