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A typical school setting, a typical day, a typical student sitting rigidly in the same desk as generations before her. Most schools follow this same age-old pattern of academic scope and sequence with a curriculum that dictates teaching pace and goals. In this way, lessons are pushed along regardless of student retention or understanding. This kind of curriculum, which focuses on the results of whole-class analytics, can be extremely damaging to individual students. By focusing on whole-group instruction schools can often leave large gaps in student understanding and a sour taste for education.

Unfortunately, for many school-aged children, this is the reality of education. They are pushed along by deadlines and expectations with no regard to their individual needs. This kind of fast paced environment can lead to students feeling left behind, or discouraged. But, can you imagine a classroom where the entire curriculum is fully customized to adapt to the learning style and capabilities of each student? Can you picture the giant smiles of accomplishment from a child whose teacher recognizes their personal goals and struggles?

Schools that are able to create a completely customized curriculum are much more adept at meeting the needs of their varied students. This is the approach at The Tenney School, a fully accredited private middle and high school (for grades 6-12) where classes are taught one-to-one: one student, one teacher. The overarching mission at The Tenney School is to provide a comprehensive education that maximizes the potential of each individual student and upholds the belief that every student has an individual learning style. We strive to ensure that each student receives the individual attention then need to ensure their success. We believe that course pacing needs to align with student understanding and not with deadlines, mandated exams, or curriculum laced agendas.

The curriculum follows state standards and is fully accredited, but offers many course levels per subject that will allow each student to find their own success. The courses are designed to inspire students to strive for their own successes and to overcome obstacles in their way. Through our one-to-one classrooms teachers are able to be keenly aware of the individual qualities and needs of each student, then coursework can be adequately matched to their various abilities.

Where the standard school system fails, The Tenney School is able to meet the needs of various learning styles with ease because it does not focus solely on the final test, or “endpoint” of a curricula. By using a customized curriculum, students are given the opportunity to excel and explore in areas of strength, and are given extra practice and time in subjects in which they struggle. This naturally increases classroom engagement and the investment students are willing to put into their course work. This increases student confidence and their intrinsic motivation for success.

Thus a customized curriculum is able to foster a love of learning. By instilling in students the idea that school is a place they can feel comfortable and confident regardless of their learning styles we can help students to understand that education is not only a priceless gift, but also obtainable.

If you’d like the opportunity to learn more about how you can offer your child a customized education tailored to their strengths and weaknesses we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us today at The Tenney School to schedule a tour. Allow us to explain all the fantastic benefits of our one-to-one approach with customized curriculum. We’d be thrilled to show you how to take charge of your student’s academic success. Our unique approach promises to be unlike anything you or your child has experienced.

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