Children who are gifted and talented have a lot to deal with. Not only do they have to develop these gifts and talents which set them apart, but they also have to deal with normal school-related issues such as making new friends, pursuing hobbies and living a rounded life.

One of the main issues that a gifted child might face is spending too much time in the area in which they are gifted. They might end up not spending enough time doing other things. On the other hand, it’s also possible that a gifted child may not be able to find someone who is qualified enough to teach them more in the field in which they are talented. Private school can help a gifted child with both these issues.

Teachers of a Higher Caliber

Most parents of gifted children opt to send them to a private school because they’re hoping to find teachers of a higher caliber in this school. And mostly, you will find teachers who are extremely well-qualified in their fields in a private school. This is not to say that you can’t find a great teacher in a public school. But it’s just more likely that you’ll be able to find one in a private school.

Giving a Gifted Child the Challenges S/he Needs

Teachers in private schools are less burdened than teachers in public schools. The class sizes are smaller in private schools which means that students get more personal attention. So the teacher will be able to give your gifted child the attention s/he needs. They’ll be able to come up with new challenges for your child. This will prevent boredom which can make the child irritable or lead them into undesirable activities.

Researching the Relevant Department

Before you admit your child to a private school, you might want to find out what kind of department that school has in the field in which your child is gifted. After all, every school has its strengths and weaknesses, and you want your gifted child to be admitted to a school where they’ll be able to excel at their gifts. Speaking to the teachers in the relevant department or even introducing your child to them can be an excellent idea, if possible.

Studying Too Much Can Result in Burnout

The other danger, when a child is gifted/talented is that they may spend too much time working. This is something that can backfire later on. In the moment, you might think that it’s a great idea for your child to learn as much as s/he can in their field of choice. But there are times when even children start to feel burnt out because they studied too much. And this might lead them to want to give up on that field altogether or they might develop a hatred for it.

In his autobiography, Andre Agassi, the famous tennis player, talks about how he started hating tennis because of how much he was pushed towards it. Yes, he may have been gifted at it, but he was never allowed to have a normal life as well.

Giving Your Gifted Child a Rounded Education

It’s necessary to make sure that your child doesn’t suffer the same fate. And the teachers at a private school are aware of this. Since they are able to give each child personal attention, they’ll be able to keep an eye on your child and notice when s/he is showing signs of frustration or burnout. And they’ll be able to divert the child’s attention by encouraging them to do something else, like an extracurricular activity which they enjoy. This way, your gifted child will end up having a more rounded education.

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