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As soon as your child enters high school, it’s crucial to advise them to pick rigorous classes and unique activities, among other things. That is, you need to make sure your child is making the most of their time in high school. They can have an interesting and stand-out college application. These days, it’s imperative students set themselves apart in their college application. With these tips, your child will surely have a memorable college application:

Choose Advanced Classes

Colleges want to see that students are challenging themselves. They also want to see that students are progressing, as they move forward in their schoolwork. So, if your student takes a challenging math class sophomore year, make sure they’re taking challenging math classes junior and senior year, too.

Of course, make sure your child picks as many Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses as possible. These classes are college-level and prove to the admissions board that your child can handle advanced coursework.

Keep Grades Up

We’ve established that your child should be picking advanced classes to take. They also need to get good grades in these classes. If you’re finding that your student cannot maintain their grades, try to find a tutor. They will help them get more confident in the subjects they’re struggling in.

When students have proper support, they can succeed. So, to ensure that your student is getting the best grades possible, involve yourself in their academic life. Also, talk to counselors, teachers, and tutors who can help.

Pick Unique Extracurriculars

College admission boards want to see that your child is exploring their interests and making a difference in their community. Therefore, as early as freshman year, your child should begin picking extracurricular activities that interest them. For example, your child might decide to play varsity sports and volunteer at a local nursing home. Or, your child might decide to participate in local art shows, volunteer at a food bank, and teach art classes for elementary students.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways your student can involve themselves in the local community—whether that be at school or beyond. If your child has questions about starting a club, volunteer opportunities in the area, or ways they can involve themselves in school-related organizations, they can talk to teachers and counselors for more information. When it comes to extracurriculars, make sure your student is picking things they truly love and getting involved intensely—not at a superficial level.

Maintain a Job

When your student includes that they’ve worked a job on their college application, it proves to the admissions board that they understand the importance of hard work and can balance school with other tasks. At 16, when your student can work, encourage them to get a job. Whether they’re working at a local restaurant, a tutoring service in town, or a lawn-maintenance service, having a job is a good way to enhance your college application.

Write Stellar Essays

Of course, your child needs to have a well-rounded resume, filled with activities, jobs, and more. But beyond actual activities, your child needs to write great college essays, too. The essay is a perfect opportunity for your child to prove that they’re an innovative thinker, creative, smart, and full of personality. Make sure your child doesn’t result to cliches when writing their essays. Instead, encourage your child to prove their writing skills and unique point of view, through their essays.

The Tenney School’s Students Can Master Their College Applications

Every student at The Tenney School can craft a stellar college application. When your student follows these tips, they can go to a strong college that’s the right fit for them and their talents. For more information about college applications, contact us.

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