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Most parents would agree that customized instruction for students is more effective than the broad curriculum used in the classroom by large schools, yet they might still wonder: how much of a difference will it really make? Caring parents understand how choosing the education path for their children is a big responsibility, as it’s one of the biggest factors in determining their future.

When 19% of high school graduates can’t read in America, parents should consider if the size and method of public schools are at fault. The average public high school in America is just over 500, yet this figure is a bit misleading as schools in larger cities are much larger (more like 1,500 to 5,000); public schools are ever-growing as well.

Schools this large simply cannot customize instruction for each child, which means children only learn according to the broad instruction given to the large classroom. Let’s explore this subject further by examining 3 ways customized instruction improves learning for children.

Encourages Self-Analysis

How many questions go unasked or unanswered in larger school classrooms without customized instruction? Childhood and adolescence is a time of questioning and self-analysis; if these questions are not asked or answered, because of the largeness of a classroom and the inaccessibility of a teacher, they might be suppressed or forgotten.

Customized instruction encourages self-analysis in children, helping them understand themselves and the world they live in on a deeper and more meaningful level. With one-on-one instruction, students can ask the questions about life and themselves they may have otherwise been afraid to ask in a large classroom.

Self-analysis is an important aspect of learning, which often is very personal; if students are afraid to explore their own minds because of the intimidating environment of a large classroom, they’ll suppress their critical thinking ability and rely more on groupthink conclusions.

Maximizes Potential

Every loving parent desires to see their children maximize their potential in school and adulthood, as this gives them the best chance to be successful in life and content with their choices. Customized instruction maximizes a student’s potential by designing the pace of learning and curriculum around their ability to understand and learn.

Being an underachiever might be a romantic notion for some, yet for most, it simply creates regret and frustration in life. Life is a lesson in itself and not everything can be taught in a classroom, yet when students realize their potential they’ll be more content with their failures and successes. Customized instruction gives students the time to develop and realize their potential, as they have access to a well-educated teacher who has the time and resources to help them in a way that’s effective for them as an individual.

Fosters Realistic Perceptions

Fostering realistic perceptions is even more important in the modern, technologically-dominated world children are growing up in today. Students in large classrooms and schools can so easily become invisible and create unrealistic perceptions of themselves and the world they live in. Customized instruction with one-on-one instruction is the antidote to this all too often adolescent malady.

When students feel lost in the crowd or aren’t being challenged with a broad curriculum directed at the masses, they’ll be inclined to escape into unrealistic perceptions of life and themselves. Negative perceptions of themselves, school, society, or even their parents, are roadblocks to them developing into positive members of society. With all the distractions and tangible dangers in our modern society and culture, these negative perceptions can be detrimental to a successful life.

Customized instruction fosters realistic perceptions because it cuts through the distractions and holds students accountable to reality. When teachers have the resources and time to pay attention to each child during class, students will be kept on track with their goals and have a more realistic understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Deciding how to educate a child is an important choice for parents to make, especially in the dynamic, modern world we live in today. While most parents would agree that one-on-one customized instruction would be beneficial, understanding how and why isn’t always as clear. Hopefully, the 3 ways we’ve examined brings clarity and understanding to these important questions.

Customized, one-on-one instruction is an important method used at The Tenney School, yet small group classrooms are also an important method used to teach students. If interested in learning more about customized instruction or our unique private school please contact us today.

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