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Has the Coronavirus crisis impacted your child or teen’s learning? To be fair, it would probably be more of a surprise if it hadn’t. It seems almost all facets of life got interrupted in some way this year by the turbulence of the Coronavirus. Some much worse than others.

It might be normal during school breaks to find that kids will slide a bit in their learning. You know, they are too busy laying around or having fun to keep up with schooling. But, this year is something different.

This year really shook us. Unfortunately, the kids learning might have suffered along with it. Has your child’s education been caught in the Coronavirus slide? With shutdowns, restrictions, and new distant learning to adapt to – a lot of learning has been lost.

These young people watched on with shock, like the rest of the world, as everything changed. Maybe they went to school less or started online education. Either way, it is inevitable that at least at some point, it affected them.

There are some to-be-expected knowledge gaps from missed school time. However, there was also likely to be poor engagement levels for many students as school was so disrupted this year.

Plus, we must consider the student’s emotional needs and the impact this big change had on them. It was a huge, unexpected world-event that left many adults confused, scared, and hurting. There is no doubt the young people of our country felt the same.

All young people are different and some may have still managed to do well academically this year. However, especially for those who normally need a bit more support, this disruption to their education could have had huge effects.

However, with the increased uptake of online schools, online tutoring has also become more popular. It provides a personalized and innovative solution to the issues we are facing in education.

The need for tutoring has always existed, however, this year has really amplified things.  

The good news is that because we have all been forced to adapt to doing more online, we are better prepared than ever to utilize this solution. Many parents are now more confident in online options, and even enjoying the convenience at times.

Additionally, kids have gotten used to online schooling as well so having a one to one teacher is not a big jump. If anything, it is an easier distance learning experience as it’s just like taking a video call with someone you know.

Tutoring to Bridge the Learning Gaps

If your child or teen is behind at school, they will often feel disheartened in class. It can be embarrassing and frosting. From there, it tends to snowball.

There isn’t always time to catch up in class, either. They do not know where to start or are embarrassed by how far behind they feel.

Additionally, the teachers often have a big class to look after and set standards to follow. They simply don’t have time, or capacity, to really help the kids that are falling behind.

It isn’t a reflection of your child’s capabilities, there is often a whole range of reasons young people get behind with their schooling. It might also be that they are keeping up just fine, yet want to achieve excellent grades and are frustrated when that doesn’t happen.

So, the normal reasons for being behind or at a lower grade point are there. And then this year the Coronavirus just made it all a lot harder. So, kids that perhaps previously were doing okay without a tutor actually would really benefit from one.

Compared to the busy class environment, a tutor who can work with them one to one and slowly go over the class materials. Together, they can work from where the student is at as an individual, not based on the class as a whole.

In tutoring, they don’t need to fumble their way through pretending to be at the same stage as the other kids. It’s only them and their kind-natured tutor. Together, they can turn the big tasks into small manageable lessons. This really pays off in the end.

Kids get a lot more engagement with this one to one interaction.

Imagine going to a conference and listening to a speaker, opposed to having a coach speak to you one to one, asking questions and listening attentively. You may still learn something at the conference with a speaker, but you are nowhere near as engaged as when you have someone work with you, with all their attention on you alone.

It is the same for your child in tutoring. They have the tutor’s full attention and they can hone in on the class materials that need attention.

Tutoring is About More Than School Work

Having a tutor is like having a reliable, stable friend. They give undivided attention to your child or teen and are a safe place to unload. A good tutor is not only clever, they are kind and great listeners.

An excellent tutor will pick up on their student’s demeanor and notice if anything changes between sessions. They are sensitive to their individual needs and can adapt their style to suit what is needed that day.

Especially during this year of changes and interrupted schedules, the tutor can be a regular contact to talk to about their day. It can become a safe place to share the ups and downs of school as well as the emotional impacts of feeling behind in a subject.

Most tutors would list a passion for children and a desire to help as the reason for becoming a tutor. So, there is no doubt this intent shines through in sessions helping your child to feel comfortable and safe to be themselves.

In A Crazy World Consistency is Key

A big lesson this year in helping us all stay sane during such constant change is that maintaining some consistency is key.

This is something tutoring can definitely offer. When everything else gets cancelled, or the rules change yet again, your kid’s tutor regime can remain the same. They can keep the routine and kids thrive on this. They know what to expect and this provides a feeling of being somewhat in control.

For example, Nick knows that at 4 pm Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, he gets to meet with his tutor Maria. They start off each session chatting about things, like how’s school and has the dog been up to any mischief again.

Nick knows that those tricky assignments that made no sense to him at all in class, will soon become clearer as he tackles them with Maria. She has a way of breaking it down in a way that makes sense to him.

In fact, he has started worrying less in class because he knows he has set days he will get support. Before, he felt like he was drowning in classwork that just kept coming.


With so much more time spent at home, it’s the perfect time for your child to feel a sense of connection on a regular basis. As the tutoring sessions progress, they become increasingly more comfortable with their tutor.

Over time, it’s like a friend and they will probably look forward to being able to tell them the funny thing that happened at school that day.

The tutors have a similar experience too. Their work is rewarding as they get to bond with the students and see the results from the time they spend together. They begin to know each other and build a strong connection.

In this new world of social distancing and staying home, these connections are more precious than gold. It helps young people keep up with their education but moreover, maintain meaningful connections.

It doesn’t have to feel like gruelling work either. With the right tutor, it can be fun and engaging. Your child’s tutor really gets to know them so they will know the style they need to thrive.

Necessary Edge For College Admissions

Even when teens aren’t falling behind, they might not be exactly where they were aiming to be academically. The fact is, college admissions are increasingly competitive so many parents have used tutoring to improve chances.

Your child might not be behind, but they want the absolute best grades possible and help with admission so that they don’t miss out on college opportunities.

Additionally, not everyone can afford privates schooling for their children, so sometimes a tutor can help provide the extra boost of high-quality education support. However, teens and kids who are in private schools will often also consider tutoring to increase their grades in certain areas.

It all goes a long way in giving kids the edge for successful college admission.

Tenney School Online Tutoring Program

Tenney School has been accredited since 1979. They are proud to have had a long commitment to one to one learning for over 40 years.

When Covid-19 came and shut down classrooms, they didn’t waste any time adapting.

They launched their online school with great success.

The same principles that applied to the quality face to face learning helped them create a successful online space. It is the same high-quality tutoring experience they had always been known for, but now online.

Introducing, Tenney School Live

So, out of the turbulent times in early 2020, Tenney School Live was created.

The online school kept the same schedules, teachers, and resources. The only difference is that everyone now meets online, rather than in person. For many, this can actually be a benefit too as there is no travel time required.

It has also opened up accessibility to more people as there is no need to travel to experience the qualified tutors.

Some of the subject areas Tenney School Live offers tutoring in are:


  • Basic Math
  • Middle School Math
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I, II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Geometry


  • English (6,7, 8) ( I, II, III, IV)
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Literature


  • History 6, 7, 8
  • World History
  • US History
  • Texas History
  • AP World History


  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Environmental Science
  • Earth Science
  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry
  • Life Science
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

College Preparation:

  • College Prep
  • ACT prep
  • SAT Prep
  • College Essays
  • Resumes


  • Guitar
  • Music Theory
  • Music Composition
  • Music Production

The philosophy of Tenney School Live is one student, one teacher. This really captures the spirit of tutoring, compared to regular classroom learning. Your child is fully engaged with a tutor just for them.

All Tenney School teachers hold university degrees and are highly skilled. The school’s long history as a face to face learning facility means that the tutors have decades of experience behind them.

So What Are The Benefits Of Using Tenney School Live For Tutoring?

As mentioned before, now it is more important than ever to keep young people connected to learning and regular engagement. It might feel like the world has been turned upside down in 2020, however, tutoring is something that can remain solid during uncertain times.

Long History and Expertise

Tenney School has been in operation for over 45 years. In short, they know what they are doing when it comes to teaching and tutoring. All that knowledge and training is conveniently brought to you online, with ease.

They have easy to use online systems that make tutoring very engaging and enjoyable.

Confidence For Your Child

A tutor from Tenney School Live is like having someone in your corner.  For your child, it is someone who believes in them. They will highlight their abilities and through the tutoring, those tasks that seemed impossible are now being tackled.

This is so important for young people whose confidence is down from getting poor grades. The process gives and grows confidence.

Large Knowledge Base

As listed above, Tenney School live has a long list of areas that provide tutoring in. They have plenty of high-quality tutors, too. So, it is likely you will find the right match for your child.

As was mentioned above, sometimes tutoring can help with college admissions and this is something that Tenney facilitates too.

Flat Rate and Simple

All Tenney tutors are the same flat rate per hour. You can book them for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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