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Deciding what clubs or sports to join can be one of the most exciting parts of a new school year. The Tenney School offers more options than you might expect to involve yourself at school. Even if your love for our one-to-one learning model makes you question whether involving yourself in larger group activities is right for you. The benefits of clubs and sports provide a variety of built-in reasons to give one–or several!–extracurricular activities a try.

Benefits of Involving Yourself at School

Extracurricular activities can help you discover your interests. These can help you meet people who share your values. You can learn about who you are as a person in ways that are not always possible in the classroom. Here are some of the most significant benefits of involving yourself at The Tenney School!

Meet New People

Our one-to-one classes may be an excellent choice for minimizing distractions while learning. However, they can make meeting new people and forming genuine friendships outside the classroom more challenging. Getting involved in activities also provides a natural way to meet other Tenney School students with similar interests to yours at a level that you are comfortable with.

Explore Your Interests

From digging deeper into your current passions to exploring potential new interests. School activities are the perfect outlet for figuring out how you love to spend your time. Some school activities may also be the catalyst for lifelong passions. These include continuing to involve yourself in music, recreational sports, or other opportunities that are similar to your favorite memories from middle and high school as an adult. Others may only be a part of your life for a season or two before you decide you would prefer to try something else. This can help you build discernment skills when it comes to understanding the most valuable ways to spend your time.

Pursue Leadership Opportunities

Club presidents, team captains, and other student leadership opportunities can help you develop the skills you will need to succeed in any path you choose after graduating from The Tenney School. Even if you are not chosen for a formal leadership position, contributing as much as you can to something you love can go a long way toward helping you be the best version of yourself.

Getting Involved at The Tenney School

Our one-to-one approach to learning may focus on providing exceptionally small class sizes. However, this does not mean we have no options for meeting new people and spending time with our friends. We offer several clubs and other activities that give our students options for digging deeper into current interests. Also, exploring potential new favorites while getting to know other students who benefit from our unique learning model. Here are some of our students’ favorite ways to get involved at The Tenney School!

National Honor Society

Serve your community while pushing yourself to perform your best in school. This is an excellent formula for bridging the gap between student life and real life. Joining the National Honor Society gives high-achieving students a plethora of opportunities. They can build leadership skills and friendships with students who share their values and goals while learning to enjoy making the Houston area a better place to live.


Your activities as a student build lifelong memories. The Tenney School Yearbook Team plays a major role in preserving everything you love about our school for the rest of your life. Become an amateur photographer at various school events. Hone your graphic design skills by piecing together creative and aesthetically pleasing pages. Being part of our yearbook staff gives you the opportunity to dig deeper into what makes being part of The Tenney School so unique.


Hone your skills in your favorite sport. Build a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the game you love. Involve Yourself in athletics at any age. These can be excellent options for students who are looking to get the most out of their school years. Being a team player is an important life skill. It is not something you will leave on the field at the end of your senior year. Finding a sport that is a good fit for you can set you up for success later in life while enhancing your school experience.

At The Tenney School, our extracurricular activities can provide the perfect contrast to our one-to-one learning model for students in the Houston area who are searching for the school environment that best matches their needs. Contact us today to learn more about the options we offer for getting involved in your school this year or to schedule a tour!

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