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School is a place for children to learn and grow into responsible adults. It is where our children spend much of their time, and where they will establish their own ideals and beliefs.

Unfortunately, many parents are finding that their current school situation is not living up to their expectations in these areas. Too many moms and dads feel left out of their child’s schooling, and with little to no say in what their children are taught, more and more parents are choosing to pull their children from the public school system and find a way to offer their kids something better.

While some parents choose to homeschool their kids, many others choose to go the independent school route. Independent schools are a great alternative to the public school system, and offer parents and students many more freedoms.

Because students and their families are able to look into, tour, and pick from a variety of different schools, they are able to choose the environment that looks like the best match for them. There are many things a student might be looking at when deciding which school is best for them, and with the right combination of these things, a student can be set up for amazing successes that may not have been possible otherwise.

Some of the things a family might be looking for in an independent school include the following:


For many, the current public school curriculum is far from ideal. Because this curriculum insists that all students of the same age conform to the same set of standards, many students find it dull, while others may find the material much too difficult or the pace too quick.

When choosing an independent school, students can decide which school offers a curriculum that best meets their needs. Additionally, many independent schools offer various curriculum options, increasing the possibility of finding the perfect study material for any given child.


Religion of any kind is not allowed in the public school system. While this rule makes sense to most people, it is not always ideal for those who have strong religious beliefs. Because many parents want their children to be surrounded by their faith or would at least like them to have the freedom to discuss their beliefs and pray while attending school, this is often something they will look for in an independent school.


The traditional method of testing students is not always the best method. Many kids find themselves experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety when testing time rolls around. Others simply don’t care about the testing, and consequently—though they know the material and love to learn—end up with a failing grade.

Since traditional testing is not for everyone, students who don’t test well should definitely take a school’s testing methods (and availability of alternatives) into consideration when looking for an independent school. Many independent schools are seeing the problems with traditional testing and changing the way they check a student’s progress. This means finding a school to suit your testing needs shouldn’t be an issue.


This is perhaps the biggest factor to consider when picking out an independent school. Every family has a set of values, and for many families these values are quite strong and important to their way of life. For this reason, an independent school with values similar to those of your family is generally the best way to go. This will ensure the children of the family are being taught the same set of beliefs at home and at school, and will help everyone involved maintain a positive relationship.

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