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The holiday season is upon us and now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for students to get focused and finish the semester strong. There are many distractions this time of year and it can be a real challenge to stay focused. Here are some tips for students who desire to stay the course, work hard and finish up on top:

  • Keep your end game in mind right from the start of the school year. If you start strong chances are you will finish strong if you keep up the pace during the school year. Don’t let yourself lag behind. Keep it smooth and steady all during the semester. Take advantage of extra credit opportunities whenever you can. Who knows, If you get a big lead in the race, you could actually find yourself coasting through the finish line at the end of the semester.
  • Have a few achievable goals such as always being to class on time or memorizing your mathematics facts. Do a little every day to achieve your goals.
  • Create a study group with one or two good friends who take their education seriously. Lean on each other for success. Don’t study in your room and wind up playing with toys. Have different quiet areas with no games or electronics so you can concentrate. According to Psychology Today; “studying in multiple environments increases the neural connections in our brains associated with what we are trying to learn. More neural connections=more learning”
  • Prioritize and organize. Take inventory. Assess your grades and note where you fall short. Focus on those areas. Don’t allow distractions during this process. Take notes and create an end of semester study plan.
  • Get proper sleep, exercise and eat healthily.
  • Plan, plan, plan to succeed and finish on top!
  • Don’t forget the triumph that awaits you and how hard you have worked to get here. You have reached the countdown to finals. Sometimes it helps to visualize your plan. Consider hanging a whiteboard in your room and check off the days leading up to the end of the semester. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy each moment.
  • Will your parents offer a small reward for working hard and achieving your goals through the end of the semester? Maybe a pizza night or your favorite dessert? It never hurts to ask!

This is when all the hard work you have put in during the semester will pay off, so now is not the time to slow down! Stay motivated by:

  • Embrace your favorite subjects.
  • Challenge yourself to improve your overall grade average.
  • Make your teachers proud.
  • Make your parents proud.
  • Learn something new.
  • Make learning fun.

Good grades and success in school are important but so is enjoying free play and social time with friends. Make a study schedule and work hard during those times. Afterwards, you can enjoy friends and fresh air, with your parent’s permission. Playtime is great for your overall health and well being. But school work, family time and household chores will always be top priorities. Cramming never works and causes stress which is not helpful. It is best to study regularly a little bit each day.

Don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. There are teachers, parents, family members and friends who want to see you succeed. It is a privilege to live in America and attend a private school. We are proud to have one-to-one learning programs to encourage your success. You have the resources you need to receive a quality education. It is your responsibility to let one of the adults in your life know if you need more help to accomplish your goals.

Remember students, this is the time to kick things into high gear before the end of the semester, ace those exams and be proud of yourself for your achievements. Learning to discipline yourself now will make things easier for you when you begin your college education.

For more information about how your student can receive a quality education tailored to their individual needs contact us, The Tenney School, a private school in Houston. It is our desire that all students reach their highest potential.

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