Why Parents Choose Personalized Learning Programs for Their Children

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As a parent, you try to make the best possible decisions for your children to help them grow and succeed. Just as you encourage your child to stay physically fit and eat healthily so their bodies will grow strong, you also want to make choices that will help their minds grow strong. Choosing the right school and the right learning program is a big part of that.

Personalized Learning Programs

This is why so many parents are eager to see their children in a one-on-one personalized learning program like the one-on-one lessons provided at The Tenney School. You want your child to have the best possible education, both in-depth and attuned to their natural learning speed. Personalized learning and individual lesson time with teachers is the key to that. Here is why parents are choosing one-on-one personalized learning to ensure their children’s success today and in the future.


1) Nurturing a Child’s Love of Learning

Children naturally love to learn but years in limiting and crowded schools can dampen that love to a tolerance for classrooms. Personalized learning brings back that love of learning by making each lesson all about the student’s personal journey through knowledge. One-on-one, teachers can encourage children to explore what they love most about each subject. Your child can truly get excited about learning again in order to achieve more in-depth knowledge and skills.


2) Allowing Children to Excel Beyond a Set Curriculum

In a classroom, the curriculum discourages reading ahead and denies children who are ready to fly the ability to tackle their lessons with enthusiasm. This does a disservice to children who shine brightly and could complete advanced courses far earlier than their peers. Your child deserves the opportunity to excel beyond a set curriculum pace, and with one-on-one learning, they can. Because lessons are one-on-one, when a child is ready for the next lesson, they can dive right into the advanced subject matter and excel.


3) Relieving the Modern-Day Homework Burden on Children in School

Homework has become an epidemic in the modern school experience. From elementary school through high school, children are coming home with stacks of worksheets and hours of homework each day. But with personalized learning, homework is only what the child will most benefit from taking home. If your child wants to work on extra problems and projects because they love the subject or want to excel, they can. But they can also spend their personalized learning time knocking out lessons and assignments with the guidance of their teacher to lighten the load of take-home work at the end of the day.


4) Ensuring Their Child Gets the Teacher Attention They Deserve

The gift of teaching is conveying knowledge and depth of understanding to a student who is learning it all for the first time. This is limited to only a few answered questions, if any, in a standard classroom. But with personalized learning, you know that your child is getting the full attention of their teacher that they deserve to take full advantage of their time at school. Each one-on-one learning teacher is there to provide all of their knowledge, understanding, and hands-on experience to help children truly gain the advantage of each lesson.


5) Helping Their Child Master Subjects that Challenge Them

Lastly, parents know that with one-on-one learning their child will never fall behind. One of the biggest advantages of one-on-one lessons in a personalized learning program is that when a child struggles, the teacher is right there to help them. Your child will be able to ask every question they need to ask. They can explore the subjects fully so that their challenges quickly become victories and the foundation for future learning.

What could your child gain from the focus and personalized learning experience of a one-on-one learning program? Contact us today to explore the opportunities available at The Tenney School to find out.

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