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Every parent wants to see their child excel at what they’re good at and rise above their same-age peers. When natural talent is combined with a love of learning and a supportive learning environment, any child can accelerate beyond the steady pace of classroom lessons. This is why personalized one-on-one learning programs are important for helping children reach their full potential. With personalized learning, featuring hours of focused study and one-on-one time with a teacher, children can truly explore their talents and accelerate to advanced study long before the grade-level curriculum would allow.

The personalized one-on-one learning design focuses on unlocking potential in several key ways.


Classrooms Tend to Hold Back Bright Children

It is already well known that classroom learning, while standard, is not always the best way for students to absorb knowledge. Many students get lost in the crowd and don’t have the chance to pursue what really interests them about the subject matter when the whole class must move at the same pace. Students don’t need to go at the pace of the class, they need the freedom to explore the subject matter. To move forward when they’re ready to move forward and study in-depth when they want a deeper understanding. Crowded classrooms are particularly unhelpful for bright children who have a great deal of potential to unlock, as these children are often discouraged from reading ahead in the book and prevented from tackling more challenging subject matter until their classmates are ready.

If this sounds like your child, then they have everything to gain from a personalized style of learning with one-on-one access to both their teacher and the learning materials. Without having to wait on everyone else.


Personalized Learning Allows Your Child to Learn at Their Own Pace

In contrast, personalized learning allows students to learn at their own individual pace and, in fact, encourages students to move ahead at whatever pace suits them best. If your child grasps one or several chapters of their textbook quickly, they can take the quizzes to prove their knowledge and move ahead to the truly interesting or challenging future lessons. And when your child wants more time to explore a subject, they will be able to linger and enrich their knowledge for a life-long depth of understanding.

With one-on-one time with the teacher, your student will have all the time they need to enrich their minds and truly gain the benefit of the subject matter at hand. They will come home talking about the amazing things they learned instead of the usual shrug because school is finally an inspiring place where they can learn freely.


One-on-One Teaching Give Students All the Resources They Need

In personalized learning, rather than sharing a teacher with dozens of classmates your child will be able to learn directly in one-on-one lessons with their teacher. They will be able to ask all the questions they want and their teacher will have time to really explore the answers fully. Teachers gain the opportunity to truly share their knowledge while students gain the benefit of their teacher’s insights in a way that is impossible in the classroom. Your child can also ask for quizzes and tests at their own pace, do projects that explore and display their learning, and build their own custom learning path with the help and guidance of their teacher.

Tenney School

Every student can benefit from the special lesson design of personalized learning. One-on-One time with the teacher ensures that they gain the full advantage of the teacher’s expertise, experience, and insights. An unpaced lesson plan allows your child to excel at their own pace and accelerate beyond the slow-paced rate of typical classroom learning. To discover more about how personalized, one-on-one learning programs here at The Tenney School can do to unlock your child’s full potential, contact us today!

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