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The summer of 2020 may be the best one ever to consider summer school for your child.  A few of the reasons summer school may be something good to consider this year:

  • Students are behind. Distance learning at many schools at the end of the 19-20 school year was ineffective, and summer is a good time to get students caught up.
  • Many planned summer camps and vacations have been (or will have to be) canceled.
  • The 20-21 school year will be filled with challenges – taking courses this summer can lighten the load on students next school year.
  • The summer 2020 learning regression (the “Summer Slide”) will be huge. This can help students minimize summer learning loss.
  • Summer courses do not have to be difficult. Instead, summer courses can be taken for enjoyment or enrichment.

Amid this global pandemic, summer school can also be a safe activity for students. Public safety restrictions are lifting to allow small groups to get together, like in a small classroom (or classroom with just one teacher and one student). As our communities begin restarting, this can be a safe place to get started with a more normal activity.


Here are some precautions schools can take to make sure in-person school is safe:

  • Schools can establish entry procedures to minimize the possibility of infected individuals entering the building.
  • Summer classes can be scheduled so that only two people are together at a time.
  • The facility demands during summer courses are usually less than a typical school year. This will allow school to run summer courses with additional safety measures in place:
    • Schools can better spread out (socially distance) teachers and students participating in the summer program.
    • They can run their summer programs so that all students and teachers maintain 6 feet of separation, and/or wear a face mask.
    • Schools can establish procedures to wash hands and/or use sanitizer after every class.
    • All surfaces used by students and staff can more easily be disinfected during and at the end of each day
  • A complete list of the COVID 19 Prevention Procedures which will be using at The Tenney School can be found on our website.

Learn More About Safe, In-Person Summer Shool

Of course, if required by public health guidelines, transition summer online. At our school, we have excellent resources and processes we can use to run summer courses 100% online that we call Tenney School Live.

If you would like to consider a one-to-one course at Tenney School this summer, you can register here.

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