9 Jul, 2018

529 Plans: Your Ticket to Private School Tuition

2018-07-09T08:52:14-05:00Monday, July 9, 2018|Learning Environment, Private School, Tenney Subscribers|

You've been saving for your child's education from the time they were very young. Your goal is to give them the best start in life--including tuition money so that they can attend college without having to sweat about student loans or other ongoing expenses. Unfortunately, prior to 2018, there was little you could do about [...]

23 Apr, 2018

How Per-Student Funding Works in the US

2018-04-23T08:23:01-05:00Monday, April 23, 2018|Education Info, Tenney Subscribers|

Schools get funding from a lot of different directions, including both the federal and state governments along with donations from the community and fundraisers managed by parents, teachers, and school district administrators. Anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to get involved in a school may be surprised to discover exactly how much money it takes [...]

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