19 Nov, 2021

Teaching Your Students About Time Management

2021-11-19T09:17:37-06:00Friday, November 19, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Parents, Teachers|

Many students find it challenging to manage their time well because they lack time management skills. This can lead to frustration, stress, and overwhelming feelings, especially when they cannot keep up with school demands that require proper time management. Both parents and teachers should teach their students about time management to help them plan well. Teaching [...]

24 Aug, 2021

Help Your Children Take Ownership of Their Education

2021-08-23T07:48:13-05:00Tuesday, August 24, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

When children become independent learners, they help themselves navigate through their studies. Thus, they teach themselves skills they will actually use later in the workforce and learn how to be an independent adult. As a parent, you may wish to cast a magic spell that gives your child the ability to learn independently. It makes [...]

18 Aug, 2021

The 4 Critical Things Your Child Really Needs to Start the School Year Right

2021-08-18T06:49:42-05:00Wednesday, August 18, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies|

The beginning of the school year is one of the most important times of the year. Those initial days can set your child up for success and prepare them to address the challenges ahead of them. Alternatively, they can leave them in a downward spiral that will make it difficult for them to meet their [...]

30 Jul, 2021

How Knowing Your Learning Style Will Help You Succeed

2021-07-26T12:47:52-05:00Friday, July 30, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

Most people know that everyone learns in different ways, but did you know there are four distinct learning styles that are generally accepted as the way we learn? These learning styles can help you become a more effective student and understand how your brain works. The first step to knowing your own learning style is [...]

28 Jul, 2021

What’s the Deal With Class Participation Grades?

2021-07-26T12:16:11-05:00Wednesday, July 28, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment|

Many teachers use class participation grades, which are seen as a way to encourage discussion and improve students' social skills. However, not everyone thinks class participation grades are a good idea. So, should teachers include class participation as part of a semester grade? Here are some thoughts to consider: Class Participation During Discussions Is Important [...]

26 Jul, 2021

Emerging Technologies in Education

2021-07-26T12:09:18-05:00Monday, July 26, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies|

2020 was a tough year for everyone. Both businesses and schools were affected. The COVID-19 pandemic led to changes in how businesses and educational institutions operate. The COVID-19 pandemic indeed led to innovations and technologies in the education sector. Here are some of the emerging technologies in education after the COVID-19 pandemic. 1. Virtual Reality [...]

3 Apr, 2021

7 Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

2021-04-03T08:46:23-05:00Saturday, April 3, 2021|Education Info, Learning Environment, Learning Strategies|

Getting an education is an integral part of becoming a successful adult. Some students struggle with learning in a classroom and need to be taught a different way. This is where tutoring comes in. One-on-one tutoring can be beneficial in many ways. One-on-One Tutoring Is Less Distracting A classroom can be an incredibly distracting environment [...]

4 Feb, 2021

Should You Consider Summer School for Your Child?

2021-02-04T13:36:14-06:00Thursday, February 4, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Summer Strategies|

Parents choose to send their children to summer school in order to combat the summer learning loss phenomenon. By the middle school years, students may lose 36% of their reading gains and 50% of math-related gains made during the year over the summer months, when they are out of school and not engaging in learning-related activities. [...]

25 Jan, 2021

How Can the Flexibility of One-on-One Tutoring Help a Child Grow?

2021-01-26T07:24:26-06:00Monday, January 25, 2021|Education Info, Learning Strategies, Student Health|

If you've ever had one-on-one tutoring, then you know that the results can be dramatically different from studying in a class. It's not that the conventional method of teaching is inefficient, but the teacher's attention is divided. No matter how good a teacher is, it's just not humanly possible for them to give everyone individual [...]

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