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28 Jun, 2021

Could Helicopter Parenting Lead to Adult Child Estrangement

2021-06-28T16:02:53-05:00Monday, June 28, 2021|Parents|

All parents have different parenting styles. Some are controversial, and some parenting styles could end up hurting children more than helping them. Helicopter parenting is one such parenting style that has the potential to end up doing more harm than good. What Is Helicopter Parenting? All parents are probably guilty of helicopter parenting at one [...]

5 Oct, 2018

Protecting Your Children: What You Need to Know About Vaping

2018-10-05T14:03:50-05:00Friday, October 5, 2018|Parents, Student Health, Tenney Subscribers|

Are you young enough to remember what it was like to be a teenager?  If you do, you also remember that you were excited about your future, probably worked hard in school to make that dream a reality, and probably did some things you now wish you could take back—like engaging in one or more [...]

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