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You want your child to excel in all areas of school. Not only can their grades have a big impact on their ability go to college, acquire scholarships, and get the future job they’ve always wanted, you want them to have the kind of success that will help propel them to take on future challenges. If you’re looking for a school where your child will be sure to receive an education designed just for them, check out how The Tenney School’s tailored learning options can help form a better foundation for your child’s future success.

Tailored Learning Ensures that All Students Have the Foundations

Student learning is built on a firm foundation. Before students have the basics, they’re not able to progress to the next level of their education. Unfortunately, in many classroom settings, students are forced to move on before they fully understand those foundations–a lack that can be particularly detrimental in English and math classes, where each concept builds on the next. A lack of those basic skills can make it incredibly difficult to meet future goals in those subject areas–and as a result, students may find themselves struggling more in the future. Through tailored learning, on the other hand, students get the individual attention that they need to ensure that they fully understand each concept before they move on to the next one. As a result, you’ll decrease learning frustration and make it easier for your student to progress at a rate that is appropriate for their skills. Not only that, by providing students with the foundations they need, we’re able to give them higher levels of confidence in themselves and their academic abilities.

Tailored Learning Lets Students Focus on Their Strengths

Your student is unique. They have abilities that no one else has and interests that they’d like to focus on more fully. With a tailored learning environment, students have the opportunity to fully explore those areas of strength. Instead of being held back to the standards of the rest of the class, students are able to move forward with their learning goals, allowing them to learn more about the areas that are most important to them. While they’ll still need to focus on all of their core subjects, they can also explore areas of study within each of those core areas that are of particular interest to them. This method often fosters a lifelong love of the subject at hand as well as providing students with a deeper knowledge foundation concerning their chosen subject–and the ready availability of technology in the classroom makes it easier to provide that opportunity to every student.

Tailored Learning Helps Students Overcome Their Weaknesses

In spite of all of their strengths, your student also has weaknesses. They may have a learning disability, ADHD, or other problems that lead to struggles in the classroom; or, they might simply struggle more in some educational areas than others. When you opt for a tailored learning environment, on the other hand, students get the tools they need to overcome those weaknesses. Not only will they be able to learn how to accomplish their educational goals in spite of those weaknesses, but they’ll also be able to figure out how to overcome them–and in many cases, even turn those weaknesses into strengths! That’s something that simply isn’t possible in a traditional classroom, where students have to keep up with their peers regardless of their personal struggles.

Tailored Learning Accommodates Disabilities in the Classroom

Does your student have a learning disability or other problems that have led to the need for pull-out services in a traditional classroom environment? When students are pulled out of the classroom for services, they miss out on valuable social and educational time–and often, they become frustrated with both those services and their struggles. In a tailored learning classroom, on the other hand, students are able to receive the accommodations they need right there in the classroom, in an environment that is fully supportive of all of their needs.

Are you looking for a school where your student will be able to excel as never before? At The Tenney School, we believe in a tailored learning environment for all of our students. As a result, students are able to move at their own pace and excel as never before. If you want to learn more about how a tailored learning environment can help transform the way your student performs in the classroom, contact us for further information about our school, our services, and our successes.

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