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Writing a research paper is no easy task, and it is something that takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Because of this, it is important that your child knows what steps to follow in order to write a successful research paper. Thankfully, there are certain things that they can do to write a great paper. Here are some things that your child can do when they are struggling with writer’s block.

Construct a Thesis Statement

One of the first things your child should do to begin their research paper is to sit down and come up with a thesis statement. This is important because it gives them a goal and direction for their paper that cannot otherwise be achieved. Have your child sit and brainstorm for a bit and write down all of their ideas on paper. This helps them to clear their head and start to form a plan for their paper. Once they have had this “brain dump”, they can then form a cohesive thesis statement to use for their paper.

Find a Comfortable Writing Environment

Another thing that your child can do to help get past writers block is to find a comfortable environment to write in. This is very important because environments that are noisy and distracting are not conducive to writing a research paper. Instead, your child should try to find a room that is quiet and peaceful, and allows them to focus on their paper. It is also a good idea to find a room that is bright and open so that your child can feel inspired and motivated to write.

Start Writing Any Section of the Paper to Overcome Writer’s Block

Your child doesn’t necessarily have to start at the introduction of their paper when they first begin writing it. In fact, it may almost be better to begin elsewhere. This is especially true if your child is inspired and knows what they would like to write in a particular section, or if they have found some pertinent research for a section and would like to begin writing about it. Whatever the case may be, encourage your child to start whatever section or sections they feel prepared for and go from there. Since it is a research paper, it will come together naturally over time and will form a cohesive paper.

Take Breaks

It is important that your child knows that it is okay to take a break when they are feeling writer’s block. In fact, sometimes the best solution of all is to take a break. This gives their brain some time to rest and focus on something else for a bit. They can take a nap, eat a snack, move their body, etc. This gives them the time that they need away from their research paper. Then, they can return with a clearer mind and a renewed motivation to write their paper.

Create a List of Goals

Another thing that helps with writer’s block is to write a list of realistic goals for themselves. These goals can help to motivate them to get their paper done. You can help your child come up with some of their goals and encourage them to reward themselves each time that they meet one of their goals. This helps them to see their progress and stay motivated to write.

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