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STAAR testing season is upon us here in Texas and we’ve got all the information to make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming season of STAAR!

What is STAAR Testing?

The State of Texas Assessment of Academic readiness or known as STAAR is a form of standardized testing that the state of Texas has implemented to replace the previously used TEKs test. This replacement happened in the Spring of 2012 and requires all public school students in grades 3 – 8 to take it.

The purpose of STAAR testing is to evaluate student academic readiness in moving up to the next grade level. The assessment will look at a student’s core understanding of key subject areas. It is also provides important statistics for the school district with how their students are performing across the board.

It’s important to note that private schools are not required to administer the STAAR assessment. In most cases, these schools will administer their own standardized test.

What If You Fail?

If a student fails the assessment during STAAR testing they will be put in a accelerated learning program. This program usually happens during the summer and requires the student to take the assessment again. Students will generally get 3 attempts to pass the STAAR exam before the school discusses the possibility of holding the student back a grade level.

The STAAR Grading System

After completing STAAR testing, students will be presented with their score. Unlike other standardized tests, where scores are calculated into a formal number, the STAAR exam score is calculated into 3 main ‘levels’:

Level 1: Unsatisfactory

At this level the student has failed the assessment and is assumed ‘not ready’ for moving to the next grade level. If a student is marked for this level, they’ll be required to take an accelerated learning program to then be reassessed.

Level 2: Satisfactory Academic Performance

This level indicates that the student has learned the material for the year and is cleared to move on to the next grade level. It is important to note that this doesn’t guarantee the promotion to the next grade level, it indicates they are ready for it. Other factors such as, report cards teacher recommendations are also factored in. (outside of STAAR testing)

Level 3: Advanced Academic Performance

This level is achieved if the student scores highly during STAAR testing. Students at this level are above grade level understanding and exhibit excellent critical thinking skills. This indicates that the student is likely to succeed in most areas (if not all) for the next grade level.

STAAR Testing Schedule

STAAR testing is generally done in April of every school year. The exact testing dates have been announced and are as follows from

  • April 9th – 19th: Grades 3 -8 Language Arts
  • April 16th – 26th: Grade 5 Science, Grade 8 Science, Grade 8 Social Studies
  • April 23rd – May 3rd: Grades 3 – 8 Mathematics

Looking to Prepare?

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