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When summer arrives, most parents are confused about whether to get their kids a summer job or not. Keeping your child away from social media and bad company can be a daunting task without the right strategy. A summer job might be the key to ensuring your child remains active and busy.

Your child isn’t going to make a lot of money from a part-time job. However, it’s more than just making money for you as a parent or guardian. Below are ways your child will benefit from having a job this summer.

1. Confidence and Self-Esteem Boost

Your child can only build confidence and self-esteem when subjected to an unfamiliar environment. Getting a summer job will help your kid adapt to a new territory and learn to survive. Regardless of the industry or business, these jobs never lack a confidence-boosting challenge to overcome.

Working and Growing Up in America, a 2003 book by Jeylan T. Mortimer, illustrates how high school students with summer jobs are better off than those without. One key area that seems to stand out is the difference in confidence level between the two subjects. Working high school students tend to have much more confidence and self-esteem than their counterparts.

2. Expand Networking Circle

When working at a summer job, your child will interact with different people. Apart from helping them boost social skills, it gives them a chance to increase their networking circle. Making multiple connections can help secure your child their dream job in the future.

Your child will also gain more referees, which is crucial for future interviews. Today, most employees believe in learning about a prospective employee through past references. Having an extensive reference list will come in handy.

3. Improve Time Management

Your child needs to relax during the summer. However, hanging around the home will not do them any good. Instead, help them find a summer job that suits their interests and hobbies. Doing this will help them cultivate a vital skill — time management.

Proper time management is crucial both at college and in adulthood. It is about planning, prioritizing, and setting achievable goals. Your child will only harness this skill through lots of practice. Only a summer job can help sharpen a child’s time-management skills.

4. Help With Money Management

It’s easy to misuse money you never worked for, especially when you are a child. Most kids don’t understand the true value of money. Getting your child a summer job will help them appreciate every dollar in their pocket.

It’s time your kids understood money doesn’t grow on trees. Teaching this lesson is considerably easier with a summer job. Additionally, your child will learn to account for every expenditure or personal purchase. Planning out finances and budgeting, therefore, becomes easier.

5. Boost Resume

Experience is earned from all work environments, regardless of the industry. You might be wondering how working at a burger joint will boost your child’s resume. However, it helps with customer-service and listening skills.

The U.S unemployment rate reached a record high of 14.8% in April 2020. Having a resume with lots of work experience will, therefore, come in handy. It can be disheartening to be the only person in an interview with an empty resume. You can help your child trim down the future competition by ensuring they get a summer job.

Bottom Line

Every parent or guardian wants nothing but the best for their child. A summer job is among the few things that can help broaden a child’s perspective on life. It will also help to enroll them in a private school that embraces one-to-one learning.

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